Wawa Just Announced Plans for Its Largest Store Ever

Don't worry, the coffee selection is getting bigger, too
Largest Wawa in Philadelphia
Photo: Wawa via Facebook

We know, we know, bigger isn't always better. But sometimes it is—and, in the case of Wawa, bigger is also more convenient. On April 12, Wawa's anniversary, the East Coast chain announced it will open its largest location in Philadelphia by the end of the year.

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Typically found on gas station lots, the 54-year-old store is beloved for its accessibility and café-like appeal. Devoted fans will tell you it's more than a regular convenience store: Wawa stores include sandwiches (or hoagies, rather), bars with seating and extensive coffee stations—think salted caramel or pumpkin spice brews all year long. Wawas are clean and spacious, and are managed by employees called "associate owners" who have stock in the company.

This upcoming mega Wawa will be 11,300 square feet and built in the corporation's hometown, knocking the current largest Wawa in Washington, D.C. off its pedestal. This new location will, according to Food & Wine, broaden its food and beverage options to include "signature hoagies and made-just-for-you specialty beverages." It also reports that "the space will tie together industrial and art deco design elements," and feature art specific to the city that means so much to the chain.


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