Ina Garten Just Officially Announced Her Next Cookbook

Dear October: Please hurry up
Ina Garten New Cookbook October 2018
Photo: Quentin Bacon

When someone puts up a social media post that starts with "So excited to share that . . ." or "Life update alert!" you can safely assume that you'll feel the need to either roll your eyes, unfollow or both. Perhaps the only exception though: when Ina Garten takes to Instagram to share official news about her next cookbook.


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The October release is called Cook like a Pro, and it's her latest since 2016's heartwarming Cooking for Jeffrey. She's posted teasers on her account, but there's no need for guessing anymore. There'll be "pro tips" and "irresistible recipes," like truffled scrambled eggs, raspberry baked Alaska and fried chicken sandwiches.

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The Barefoot Contessa paired her post with an Instagram story, in which she revealed the book's title and cover while wearing an outfit to match it. She also shared that you can swipe up from her story to preorder it now—closing, in true Ina fashion, with "How easy is that?"


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