Nathan's Hot Dogs Are Being Recalled Due to Metal Contamination

You might want to check those dogs before firing up the grill
Nathan's Hot Dog Recall
Photo: San Honda/Getty Images

As Memorial Day weekend draws closer, partygoers are likely to stock up on barbecue necessities like chips, condiments, burger and hot dogs. But before you fire up the grill, there's something you should know.

More than 210,000 pounds of hot dogs are being recalled after metal shards were found in some packages of Nathan’s and Curtis brand hot dogs. The U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that it received three complaints describing the incidents and is urging customers to throw them away.

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The specific products affected include 16-ounce packages of Curtis Beef Master Beef Franks, which have a use-by date of June 15, 2017, and 14-ounce packages of Nathan’s Skinless 8 Beef Franks, with a use-by date of August 19, 2017.

Though it's never really a good time to have to recall a product, this is a hard hit for the company, since Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest is scheduled to take place on July 4.


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