Cadbury Coated Oreos Are Here

This is not a drill
Cadbury Chocolate-Coated Oreos
Photo: @foodfindsgeelong via Instagram

When Oreo and Cadbury come together to create a new product, you know it's going to be something amazing. First, there were Creme Eggs, and then there were chocolate candy bars. And now, the two brands are releasing Cadbury Coated Oreos.

As the name suggests, Oreos are cloaked in chocolate but not just any chocolate—"smooth Cadbury chocolate." We can't wait to get our hands on them, but there's a small problem: Most sources are reporting that these delectable bites are available only in Australia. But we're staying positive, because though the Creme Eggs were available only in the UK and Canada at first, they eventually made their way over to the States.


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