12 Mesmerizing Cake-Decorating Videos

It's safe to say: all day we dream about cake
Photo: Courtesy of Magnolia Bakery

We are a food-obsessed culture, especially when it comes to dessert; we love making it, eating it, and having it prepared right in front of our eyes. Frosting preferences aside, there is something mesmerizing about watching someone decorate a cake. Shows like Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes, and Cake Wars are all the rage with viewers eager to know the secret behind creating amazing designs.

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Cake decorating is an art form that encompases many skills and techniques. Master chocolatier Jacques Torres and master pastry chef Ron Ben-Israel are just two of the many figures known for their stunning designs. New York City is filled with a multitude of specialty shops, such as Magnolia Bakery and Empire Cake, who give us a peek behind the scenes, but thanks to the rise of Instagram and Snapchat, we get a front-row seat to the show even from afar. Here are 12 delicious creations that have us glued to the screen.

Beautiful Swiss meringue buttercream blossoms.

Go for the gold with gold leaf decorations.


Gold leaf tutorial is up and waiting for you! Click through to my videos on the site! #goldleaf #caketutorial #timelapse

A video posted by Sugar Bee Cakes (@sugarbeecakes) on

A giant cake cupcake.

A color explosion. 

All about that glaze.


Glazing the new cheese cake bergamot,basil and almond streusel . Flavours from @sphynxsou

A video posted by John Ralley (@johnralley) on

Master of cake flowers. 

Cakes that are out of this world. 

A chocolate lover’s dream.

Cakes that rock. 

Incredibly mesmerizing colors.


Cake "Winter in Norway" by Olga Noskova _______________________________________________________When we observe the northern lights, it seems that you're on the edge of the world and that it is possible to lift the veil of mystery of the infinite universe, a part of which we are... _______________________________________________________Когда наблюдаешь северное сияние, кажется, что ты на краю мира и что можно приподнять завесу тайны бесконечной Вселенной, частичкой которой мы являемся...#cakebyolganoskova #ольганоскова #olganoskova #cakewinterinnorway

A photo posted by Olga Noskova �� Ольга Носкова (@olganoskovaa) on

Colorful, ganache-laden cakes.

Serious flower power. 


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