Make Your Fish Shine with These Easy, Healthy Side Dishes

12 excellent pairings for your favorite seafood
What to Serve with Fish
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There are a few things to consider when choosing side(s) to serve with seafood. If you're planning to cook a fatty and meaty fish like salmon, you'll want to accompany it with something that has a touch of acidity, while a much lighter fish like haddock calls for hearty vegetables.

Secondly, think about the recipe's flavor profiles. If you're preparing shrimp pad Thai, for instance, the dish's notes of sweetness and spice should carry through to your fixings.

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Lastly, keep your preparation in mind—if you're deep-frying battered cod, you should go with a side dish that can cut through the fat, like a mustard-spiked fried rice. Or if you're poaching your fish, opt for a richer choice, like buttery mashed potatoes, to balance your entrée's delicate texture.

Scroll through our recipe ideas and you're sure to land on the perfect side, no matter what seafood you're serving for supper.


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