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We have just the book for Thanksgiving

Imagine a Thanksgiving without the anxiety.

Now you don’t have to imagine because Tasting Table’s brand-new Thanksgiving Gathering Guide 2012 has arrived.

In this downloadable digital book, we’ve collected 25 of our favorite Thanksgiving-friendly recipes--from pastrami turkey to green beans with bacon candy to a decadent sticky toffee pudding--and organized them into one handy guide.

Our Thanksgiving guide also features five indispensable quick-tip videos from our Test Kitchen and an interactive, illustrated ingredient “pantry” designed to be your go-to resource for holiday ingredient queries.

In addition, the Thanksgiving Gathering Guide 2012 has three custom Thanksgiving menus, along with a hidden bonus recipe for a shockingly delicious day-after meal made from leftovers from the big day.

This Thanksgiving, it’s all about family, friends and delicious food, but with none of the holiday headaches.


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