Tool Kit: Makin' Madeleines

5 things you need for great French cookie baking

We love the buttery French cookies known as madeleines, which are baked in small scallop-shaped molds that give them an elegant shape. Ready to make your own? Here's what you need to get started.

Vanilla ($12.95)
Skip the extract. A high-quality paste works great and saves you the effort of scraping the vanilla beans.

Rack ($7.95)
Ideally, you'll eat all the madeleines before they cool. But be sure to turn them out onto cooling rack so they don't get soggy while you attack them.

Scoop ($14.30)
Get a small self-releasing scooper and you won't have to worry about eyeballing sizes--every dollop will be identical.

Madeleine Pan ($25)
Forget the mini pans and go for a large nonstick one. That way you can cook the cake until the edges are really crisp and the center will stay moist. Note: You still have to butter it generously!

Honey ($16.50)
The secret ingredient in Paris-based baker David Lebovitz's madeleine recipe? A spoonful of honey, which adds delicate sweetness and some moisture.


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