Ice Is Nice

Two new winter perks worth seeking out
Pleasant House Bakery and Nice Cream Ice Cream
Photos courtesy of Pleasant House and Nice Cream

These new delivery services put two local favorites in closer reach:

Pleasant House Royal Pies: No longer do you have to journey to Bridgeport for a taste of Royal Pies. West Town's Green Grocer now stocks Pleasant House Bakery's finest in its refrigerator and freezer. Each Tuesday or Wednesday, the bakery drops off a fresh set of golden-crusted mushroom-and-kale pies ($8), and has promised to supply its meat-filled versions in the near future, too. Take one home with some potatoes and sausages for a properly Brit-Irish meal.

Nice Cream Custom Flavors: Chicago's ice cream scene suffered a blow when a spat with the state stopped Nice Cream's production last summer. We've lamented the last months without her blueberry pie ice cream and mango-chile sorbet. But Kris Swanberg hasn't stopped churning; she's now offering custom flavor cards ($100), good for a flavor brainstorming session, four pints, and delivery anywhere in the Chicago area. Flavors thus far have ranged from salted caramel with apple and peanuts to sweet potato-ginger. Pick up the flavor cards at Green Grocer or The Dill Pickle Food Co-op in Logan Square, or email

Green Grocer 1402 W Grand Ave. Chicago IL 60642 312-624-9508

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