Ryan Ariano

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Jackson Hole, WY
University Of San Diego
Shonen Jump Anime, Quentin Tarantino Films, ’90s Cinema
  • Ryan was the lead story consultant at a Beverly Hills talent agency, where he read countless TV and film scripts.
  • He works in visual media production and the outdoors industry.
  • Ryan easily spends over five hours a day watching TV and movies, listening to film and TV podcasts, and more.


Ryan has been writing professionally for close to two decades. After getting his start writing surf documentaries, he moved to L.A., where he worked in the story department at Paradigm Talent Agency and wasted long nights talking story with fellow professional film geeks. His obsession with rugged mountaintops took him to the Tetons where he wrote and developed projects for Brain Farm Digital Cinema and more recently Fisher Creative, a local outdoor photography and film production house. Most of his journalism consists of outdoor and film/TV articles. His days are spent fighting the wilderness and doing jiu jitsu, so he can sit still long enough to binge all the gangster and warrior content his heart desires.


Ryan has a BA in Business from University of San Diego.
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