Ryan Ariano

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Jackson Hole, WY
University Of San Diego
Slow-cooked Meals, Easy Recipes, Distinct Flavors
  • Ryan worked as a cook in several kitchens and for a catering company, learning prep, line cooking, and improvisation — a standout was when he worked a grill during the White Marlin Open and one fisherman brought in 30 pounds of tiger shark, challenging the kitchen to prepare it however they chose.
  • In his extensive travels, Ryan seeks out unique and lauded restaurants with the eventual goal of writing a food-based travel guide called "Fantastic Feasts and Where to Find Them."
  • As an active mountaineer and coach with an appreciation for delicious food, Ryan is dedicated to the balance between healthy cuisine and indulgent comfort foods.


Ryan has been writing professionally for close to two decades, with a resume that includes marketing copywriting, writing for surf, snow, and adventure documentaries, and countless articles about tech, gear, entertainment and food. Having spent his earlier years in kitchens professionally (and his later years as a foodie who hates the term foodie), he recently combined his interests by developing and writing a game-to-table documentary. His days are spent fighting the elements, coaching his boys, and doing jiu jitsu so he can eat to his heart's content.


Ryan worked in the catering department for part of the time while he was earning a BA in Business from University of San Diego. He is currently training with Gracie University for a higher jiu jitsu belt and eventually to become an instructor.
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