Natasha Georgakis

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Brooklyn, New York
Saint John's University, Institute For Integrative Nutrition
Recipe Development, Photography, Social Media.
  • Natasha is a recipe developer and content creator in the health & wellness space. She owns and operates a private coaching practice called Holistic Hermit, helping women with nutrition therapy to manage chronic symptoms from joint disease and inflammation.
  • A freelance content creator for health and wellness professionals, Natasha shares her recipes on social media and creates wellness programs for entrepreneurs, doctors, and wellness professionals, so they can focus on their clients. She focuses on whole foods nutrition and the anti-inflammatory diet.
  • Natasha has a combined decade of experience in journalism and law enforcement. She's a former crime reporter for the New York Post and NYPD Police Officer.


Natasha lives with a rare condition called fibular hemimelia, which is a joint disease that causes chronic symptoms like pain and inflammation. Those symptoms controlled her life for years until she went to nutrition school. Anti-inflammatory food recipes changed her life, and now she teaches others how to cook and eat while living with chronic symptoms from similar conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and autoimmune diseases. She's a passionate recipe developer and home chef.


Natasha studied Journalism at St. John’s University with a minor in Television and Film studies. She graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2020 with advanced certifications in Integrative Nutrition, gut and hormone health.
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