Liz Capozzoli

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Food Photography, Baking, Pastry
  • Liz is the founder and creative behind her blog,
  • She is a professional blogger, food photographer, recipe developer, market research professional and entrepreneur.
  • Liz has over 20 years experience working with food, developing recipes at young age and building skill using an array of culinary techniques.


Liz Capozzoli is a professional food photographer, recipe developer, and content creator. She has been a food blogger for over 5 years and is an active member across a number of blogging and baking communities. She has worked on recipe development for local small businesses and has been featured in various online publications such as PureWow. Her baking blog,, is devoted to new and classic sweet-treat recipes and receives over 1.5 million pageviews annually. Family traditions are at the core of her love for food, but she also enjoys trying new recipes and learning different baking and cooking techniques.


Liz's formal educational background is in Business Administration & Market Research, which has become useful when developing perfect recipes she knows her audience will love! She has a high level of expertise in food photography, culinary science, and the art of blogging.
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