Kelly Welton

Photo of Kelly Welton
Albany, NY
University At Albany
Home Design, Plant Based Cooking, Painting
  • Kelly has worked in the home décor field for years, observing growing and emerging trends, attending the world's largest furniture market, and designing spaces for others.
  • Educated in fine art, Kelly is devoted to both looking for and making beauty in our every day environments.
  • She loves reading fiction and listening to poetry podcasts.


Kelly has written about design, interiors, and lifestyle trends. She has experience as a decorator, stylist, and home accessories buyer. As an artist, she has a learned and innate understanding of color, pattern, and, composition. A thrift seeker, Kelly knows how to combine high and low with new and old to create a comfortable and beautiful space.


Kelly is educated in studio art, and has been a painter of portraits and interiors for more than two decades.
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