Jocette Lee

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Boston University
Turkish Cuisine, Central Asian & Middle Eastern Gastronomy, American Foodways
  • Jocette specializes in Turkish gastronomy and regularly writes recipes and articles on the topic at
  • She has lived in Turkey for five years and is conversational in the Turkish language.
  • Telling stories about the complexities of culture through the lens of food while also sharing tips and tricks from the kitchen is where Jocette finds the greatest overlap of passion.


After living in Turkey for five years and specializing in Central Asian and Middle Eastern foodways, Jocette continues to write about gastronomy: food origins, anthropology, and agriculture. She has been published in various food journals and magazines such as The Table Magazine and The Preserve Journal.


Jocette spent her undergraduate years at Boston University focusing on marketing strategies in the business and hospitality world. While in graduate school at Boston University, she focused on the convergence of food brand marketing, food anthropology, and food policy. This MLA in Gastronomy program was founded by Julia Child and Jacques Pépin to advance the knowledge of social theory applicable to the study of food with the ability to critically analyze current and foundational issues in food studies and global food systems.
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