Bradley M. Geiser

Sacramento, California
Culinary Institute Of America, Woodland Community College, UC Davis
Instant Pot Cooking, Air Frying, Macaroni And Cheese
  • Bradley Geiser is a culinary Jazz musician who embraces the challenge of not knowing the endgame of a recipe he’s trying until he gets there.
  • He uses the expertise he learned during his time in culinary school to break food down to the fundamentals and treat cooking as an art form.
  • If anything can be air fried or pressure cooked, Bradley probably does it or has tried.


Bradley Geiser is a writer with a passion for the arts and creative process, in particular. These include the culinary arts, which he dissects both as a consumer and an experimental home cook with a passion for exploration. Looking at the food world through this art-inspired lens, he aims to catch the flavors of the human condition which draws us to the culinary world. At the end of the day, Brad is just a writer who enjoys writing and talking about his favorite foods and cooking methods.


Bradley dropped out of the Culinary Institute of America after realizing that writing results in fewer fires. He went on to receive his undergrad degree in English Literature and Creative Writing from UC Davis so he could write about the those fires from a distance.
Stories By Bradley M. Geiser