Anand Swamy

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San Francisco, CA
California State University, East Bay
Indian Recipes, Cooking, Food Writing
  • Anand's passion for food stemmed from childhood when his mother would prepare delicious East Indian dishes from scratch every day. He learned that patience, creativity, and love are important ingredients that go into making something special.
  • He considers Anthony Bourdain one of his idols. "A Cook's Tour" and "No Reservations" were TV shows that taught him the beauty of the world through food. Anand knows at least one dish from every culture in the world. It's helped him build camaraderie with others and realize that most people appreciate good food.
  • His globetrotting exploits have taken him to some of the world's most delicious destinations. Whether it's eating ají de gallina in the bustling city of Lima, Peru, or motorbiking through Hanoi, Vietnam to consume a delicious bowl of bun cha, Anand's keen interest in food isn't just fun, but also a damn near religious experience.


Anand has been a food writer for the past five years. He Co-founded Swamy's Kitchen, an eCommerce business where he made flavorful made-to-order spice blends and created delicious Indian fusion recipes. He also worked with Bharat Bazar, a prominent South Asian grocery chain. There he specialized in writing about Indian culture and produced cooking videos showcasing Indian cuisine. His love for food led him to partner with Eatwith, the world's largest community for authentic food experiences. He turned his tiny San Francisco apartment into a temporary restaurant where he'd cook delicious homemade Indo-Fijian dishes for people that were looking for unique dining options.


Anand holds a bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and an option in Management. Food became an instant passion for him when he took a business course where he was tasked to teach his class a unique experience. He taught them about the art of wine tasting, and how to make the perfect cheese board. His passion for food only grew from there. He genuinely believes that the best form of connecting with others is in the kitchen.
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