Aisha Moktadier

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Tampa, FL
University Of Miami
International Flavors, Fusion Cuisine, Heritage Cooking
  • Aisha's love for writing about globally inspired cuisine and diverse culinary traditions stems from her travels as the daughter of an international airline pilot.
  • She avidly collects both new and vintage cookbooks, as well as handwritten recipes from family and friends, showcasing her passion for culinary arts.
  • She finds profound joy in using food as a heartfelt expression to create meaningful connections with others.


With a decade of professional writing experience, Aisha has crafted her storytelling skills across diverse platforms. Having served as a staff writer for Vix Inc., the largest independent digital media and content company for the U.S. Hispanic market, Latin America, and Brazil, she honed her expertise in covering topics in the food and beverage world. Aisha's journey extends beyond Vix Inc., as she contributed her talents to renowned publications and agencies such as The Culture Trip, Bustle Media Group, Qatar Happenings, and The Miami Hurricane, showcasing her versatility and passion for narrative exploration. In 2016, Aisha received a fellowship award and scholarship to Yale University's Thread program, where she worked on a personal essay centered around culture, identity, and tradition, and acquired key skills in crafting narratives for modern media.


Aisha proudly earned a Bachelor of Science in communication from the University of Miami, specializing in digital media and the art of compelling storytelling. Her academic journey equipped her with writing and multimedia skills she seamlessly integrates into her exploration of global-inspired cuisine.
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