How Much Protein Is Actually In Tempeh?

If you're tired of tofu and are looking for another plant-based meat alternative to mix up your meal prep rotation, look no further. Tempeh, made from cooked and fermented soybeans, has a strong, nutty flavor and firm texture, according to Spruce Eats. In fact, the savory and meaty flavor of tempeh is often compared to mushrooms, which means it could be a great addition to your next vegetable stir-fry

While tempeh originated in Indonesia nearly 1,000 years ago, the soy-based protein has become more popular in the U.S. in recent years and is a versatile ingredient that can be crumbled into pasta sauce or sliced and fried for a simple sandwich (via Bon Appétit). Available in most large-scale retail grocery stores — like Trader Joe's, Costco, and Whole Foods — tempeh is typically found in the produce section with other vegan and vegetarian food items, per Cooking Light. 

Tempeh is also a nutrient powerhouse. Healthline reports that it's high in protein, vitamins, and minerals while also low in sodium and carbs. But just how much protein does a serving of tempeh pack?

Tempeh is a plant-based protein powerhouse

A one-cup serving of tempeh provides 31 grams of protein (via Healthline) and is comparable to the protein content of beef, according to Bon Appétit. Which is a lot of protein when you consider its alternatives. For comparison's sake, one cup of tofu provides approximately 22 grams of protein, per Verywell Fit.

The Mayo Clinic recommends that 10% to 35% of your daily calorie intake comes from protein, so if you consume an average of 2,000 calories a day, that equates to 200 to 700 calories of protein daily. Eating a high-protein diet has a number of health benefits, including helping you to feel fuller for longer, increasing your muscle mass and strength, reducing cravings, and boosting your metabolism, among a number of other benefits (via Healthline).

In addition to its high protein content, tempeh has a number of other health benefits. It can support bone and gut health while helping you manage your cholesterol and is packed with antioxidants, as reported by BBC Good Food. If you're interested in incorporating this plant-based protein into your next meatless Monday meal, try this vegetarian goulash recipe for a hearty and healthy dinner.