Why Derek Wolf Says The Best Way To Judge A Steakhouse Is By Its Sides- Exclusive

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Filet mignon, bone-in ribeye, porterhouse, T-bone, and New York strip are all standard choices at a fine steakhouse. But what would those delicious cuts of meat be without some equally delicious sides? Whether it's a fancy steakhouse or your friend's outdoor barbecue, sides can make or break the meal. Corn, green beans, spinach, Brussels sprouts with bacon, and all of the different versions of potatoes come to mind. Does anyone else dip their steak into mashed potatoes? If not, this is your sign to try it.

Sides are so important when it comes to eating a great steak, that according to gilling expert and founder of Over the Fire Cooking Derek Wolf, you should really judge a steakhouse by its sides. In an exclusive interview with Tasting Table, Wolf tells us why the quality of the sides is indicative of the quality of the steakhouse, and how to treat the vegetables to serve with that juicy steak.

Derek says if the sides are flavorful, the steak will be too

"When I go to a steakhouse, or am grilling with somebody, I will usually try their sides first before I get into the steak, because, in my opinion, if they treat their sides with respect, they're going to treat their meat with respect," Derek Wolf explains. "If their sides have a good flavor, then nine times out of 10, their steaks do as well."

One of the ways to treat those sides with respect, according to Wolf, is to "take your time" and give the vegetables the "dedication they deserve." "I think a lot of people want to cook [vegetables] hot and fast, get it done, because it's usually what they are doing last, or first," Wolf says. "They just want to get to cooking the meat." Instead, Wolf says that the vegetables should get the same care and attention as the steak.

Derek Wolf's new cookbook, "Flavor by Fire," will be released September 6, but pre-orders are currently available on Amazon. You can find Wolf's recipes on the Over The Fire Cooking YouTube channel.