Why You Should Never Use Metal Tools To Make Scrambled Eggs

Whether you're the type of person who enjoys a big breakfast every day or you just like to pull out all the stops on special occasions, there's no denying the allure of a classic feast of bacon and eggs. There are certain tricks to getting the perfect breakfast though and whether you prefer your eggs fried, scrambled, or in the form of a decadent, fluffy omelet, it's important you use the right tools for the job.

The first thing you need is a non-stick pan. As Eat This, Not That notes, using the wrong pan can cause your eggs to stick to the surface and even your favorite omelet will turn into a scramble. And while non-stick pans and Teflon had a bit of a bad reputation for safety concerns involving forever chemicals (chemicals that are slow to deteriorate and can increase over time) years ago, CNET notes that there are plenty on the market that are completely safe today.

Once you have selected your perfect pan, it's time to chose what utensils you will use. And, when you do, make sure you are avoiding all things made with one particular substance: metal.

Best tools for the job

When it comes to selecting utensils, you should steer clear of using that is anything made with metal.

According to Eat This, Not That, metal forks and spatulas will scratch your non-stick pan, damaging the non-stick surface and defeating its general purpose. Scratched non-stick pans, not only become sticky in the long run, which can once again ruin your omelet, but also can also immediately flake bits of metal and coating into your food. As reported by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, this not only creates an unpleasant taste and breakfast experience, but can release those same problematic forever chemicals into your food that can be found in older cookware.

To avoid this problem entirely stick to using silicone, via Serious Eats, or plastic utensils when you're frying up your next batch of eggs, per East This, Not That), and if you happen to damage one of your older non-stick pans to the point where it is flaking, it is probably time to pitch it and consider buying a replacement.