Why You Should Try Adding Seltzer Water To Your Scrambled Eggs

An ideal breakfast for many is a few cooked eggs on a plate. Maybe they've been delicately poached, soft-boiled, or hard-boiled in some heated water. Or perhaps a hollandaise sauce has been made and poured over classic eggs benedict. But when a breakfast plate calls for the simplicity of one of the easiest egg recipes around, scrambled eggs suddenly make it to the top of the list.

The name "scrambled eggs" implies the cooking method, as a few eggs are scrambled together in a pan and some butter, seasoned with salt and black pepper at the end, as noted by MasterClass. But there are also various routes to take with scrambled eggs. Its versatility, after all, serves as a blank slate for seasonings, herbs, and dairy products like cheese and sour cream. Some palates also crave fluffy scrambled eggs while others swear by soft, creamy textures. If you know a thing or two about French cooking, you can try your hand at French scrambled eggs, which utilize low heat and crème fraiche to achieve a luscious egg curd, via this separate MasterClass source.

But there's one ingredient that transforms regular ol' scrambled eggs into ultra-light and airy egg curds that taste almost cloud-like, via Kitchn. Here's what that is.

Grab a can or bottle of bubbles

We're not talking about champagne here, but plain seltzer water. This magic ingredient contains a lot of bubbles, which help to, as Kitchn states, "create pockets of trapped air that expand when heated." And this isn't only for eggs, either, as seltzer water can provide a host of other benefits in cooking, per Spoon University. Some of these include fluffier cakes, chewier dumplings, or vibrant boiled vegetables.

Per Spoon University, 1 tablespoon of plain seltzer water per two eggs is a solid ratio and should be used in place of any additional dairy products, like milk or cream. There's also an implication by the former source to add in the fizzy bubbles during this dairy step. The result? It's like biting into an egg cloud. Soft, light, and airy curds have no trace of seltzer water flavors or bubbly textures, but instead taste like the fluffiest scrambled eggs you've ever had. So grab some flavored seltzer water for yourself and save the plain stuff for desserts and easy breakfast recipes.