A New Pizza-Centric Season Of Chef's Table Is On Its Way

Netflix has officially announced the next installment of its hit restaurant docuseries, "Chef's Table," with a special season dedicated to everyone's favorite carry-out dish: Pizza. However, these pizzas aren't the typical pies you'd order from your favorite local pizzeria. According to Netflix (via TV Insider), this show sets out to "go inside the kitchens of chefs whose creativity elevates this ordinary dish to an art form via their unique flavors, inspiring backgrounds, and passion for creating the perfect slice."

Like previous installments of the show, "Chef's Table: Pizza," will take viewers around the U.S. and the world to meet chefs who are uniquely dedicated to their craft. Unlike recent seasons though, "Chef's Table: Pizza" will feature six episodes instead of four. As Newsweek notes, the most recent installment of the show, "Chef's Table: BBQ," which aired in 2020, only featured four, 45-minute-long episodes, taking guests from American Barbecue hubs in Texas and South Carolina, around the globe to Yaxunah, Mexico, and Sydney, Australia. The new season will go back to the format of the show's earlier seasons, making up for the extra-long, pandemic-induced hiatus with features on six pizzaiolos.

Pizzas round the world

Somewhat surprisingly, Netflix's new show does not make any stops in well-known American pizza cities like New York, Chicago, or Detroit, which are known for their unique takes on pizza. Rather, Netflix says the U.S. episodes of the show will stop in lesser-known pizza markets, including Phoenix, Arizona; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Portland, Oregon where it will visit chefs Chis Bianco, Ann Kim, and Sarah Minnick respectively.

The international leg of the show will, of course, make its way to the homeland of pizza, Italy, for stops at Chef Gabriele Bonci's Roman pizzeria near Vatican City and Chef Franco Pepe's restaurant in Caiazzo before heading east for a trip to a uniquely-artistic pizza created by Chef Yoshihiro Imai in Kyoto, Japan.

The full season of "Chef's Table: Pizza" will drop on Netflix on September 7, where you can currently binge all five regular seasons of "Chef's Table," as well as its previous three special seasons, "Chef's Table: BBQ," "Chef's Table: Pastry," and "Chef's Table: France." Other cooking shows slated to return to Netflix with weekly episodes this fall include, "Nailed It," "Iron Chef," and "The Great British Baking Show" (per People).