43% Of People Agree This Is The Best Season For Enjoying Cocktails

Survey says: cocktails are always in season ... though certain times of the year may be better suited to certain drinks. Wine cocktails make for easy, breezy summer sipping. Mixing one together requires little more than an already-opened bottle of whatever's on hand, and offers a waste-free solution to utilizing leftover wine.

If tea is more your thing, consider fusing your favorite blend with your favorite liquor. According to Good Morning America, tea adds complexity to standard cocktails. Who knows? The tea-alcohol hybrid could become your go-to weekend beverage.

But just because cocktails consist predominantly of, well, alcohol, doesn't mean you need spirits to enjoy a spirited drink. According to The Washington Post, non-alcoholic cocktails are on the up-and-up, and you can order a Negroni topped off with a dealcoholized vermouth.

Yet if you're sticking with boozy drinks — margaritas, anyone? — one season may help the tequila go down a little easier. According to Tasting Table readers, summer is the season of sipping, and nearly half of those surveyed prefer warm months for cool drinks.

Summertime sipping speaks to the masses

The results of Tasting Table's latest survey shouldn't come as a surprise. Of the 615 people asked about their favorite season for cocktails, 42.93% voted in favor of summer. The months between June and September earned the preference of 264 people. Surely that's enough drinks to keep any beachside bartender busy.

For those in agreement with the 43%, try embracing the few, final scorching weeks of summer with a rosé mojito. The summery drink exudes a floral flavor perfect for unwinding poolside. If you'd rather stay on trend, the Dirty Shirley was touted as this summer's "it" drink, so now's the time to take a taste (per Southern Living).

Yet just because summer is ending doesn't mean your options have to dwindle. When it comes to cocktail preferences, the weather during the time of year clearly formed a pattern, as the second-warmest season amassed a significant percentage of the vote. Spring received 140 votes, or the favor of 22.76% of those surveyed.

With these results, spring edged out winter — but only slightly. The snowy months received 22.11% of the vote, with 136 people opting for cold-weather cocktails. Winter is whiskey's time to shine, after all. What's cozier than curling up by the fire with a hot toddy?

Rounding off the list, fall received 75 votes. Only 12.20% of people favor autumnal cocktails. Perhaps this is a season better suited to cider.