What Makes Jamaican Coco Bread Unique?

If you have the guts to swim 600 miles south of Miami, Florida, you'll end up on the shores of Jamaica — an island that is known for its scenic mountains, Reggae music, and stellar food, via National Geographic.

You've got Ital cuisine, which focuses on vegetarian meals without salt. Jerk meals encompass sweet, savory, and spicy flavors, as well as a variety of meat and seafood choices. And of course, the Jamaican patty deserves a category of its own. Pastries that look like a half-moon shape are filled to the brim with seasoned meat, seafood, or cheese, which — apparently — pairs well with Jamaican coco bread, per New York Times Cooking and Visit Jamaica.

Coco bread might sound like a version of dinner bread rolls, but we assure you, a basket full of these is much more versatile — and arguably, tastier. Here's what makes Jamaican coco bread so unique.

Great for meat and veggie fillings

Coco bread looks like puffy wedges of bread that can be eaten on their own or filled with an array of meat and vegetable fillings. Serious Eats suggests pickled onions, fried fish fillets, or if you're feeling brave, scotch bonnet peppers. Dipping the bread in soup is also highly recommended.

But let's start with the basics. Sugar, flour, salt, yeast, milk, and butter come together to make a sugary dough that is then kneaded and proofed. The dough is then separated into balls and then rolled out into ⅛-inch thick rounds. A little bit of butter on top and a couple of fancy folding techniques results in wedges that are ready for the oven. Extra butter post-baking is also encouraged.

So how do they taste? According to African Bites, buttery, shy on the sweetness scale, and akin to dense Hawaiian rolls. And if you're wondering why it's called "coco bread," Taste of Home states that it's due to the added coconut milk.

Coco bread is often consumed as a hearty snack or as an accompaniment to other meals, but if you're just looking to munch on one sans butter or fillings, we'll certainly understand.