How To Make Delicious Scrambled Eggs Without A Stove

Scrambled eggs are a beloved breakfast dish perfect for mornings on the go. Whether sandwiched between bagel slices, placed on tortillas with chorizo, or enjoyed with lox and onions, fluffy scrambled eggs are a quick and easy a.m. staple — if you have a stove, that is.

So what do you do when you're craving scrambled eggs with no stove to heat them? Well, the answer is simple: whip out your rice cooker. As surprising as it may seem, rice cookers have a long history of being used to make all sorts of dishes, shares Insider. From pizza to pancakes, the machine is adaptable enough to suit all cooking needs.

Although the stovetop method is the traditional way to cook scrambled eggs, A Day in the Kitchen shares that rice cookers are handy in times of crisis, or to try out something new. Plus, scrambled eggs might be just the beginning of your adventures cooking eggs in this handy appliance. You can also use your rice cooker's steamer basket for boiling and poaching eggs to perfection. Who knew rice cookers were so versatile?

How the rice cooker method works

Let's stick to the basics first, though. To make scrambled eggs in a rice cooker, Smart Slow Cooker suggests starting by whisking eggs with milk, salt, and pepper. Once combined, coat the rice cooker pan with nonstick spray, butter, or oil, and add the whisked eggs. Turn the machine to "cook" and make sure the eggs are properly covered.

You don't always want to use the highest heat setting, though; Recipezazz explains that you can keep the heat on "warm" if you need to. After getting your heat under control, you'll want to cook the eggs for a few minutes. Recipezazz recommends 2 minutes, stirring periodically with a wooden spoon as the eggs thicken. Scrambled eggs are quick to make, but also quick to ruin, so checking the consistency regularly is key. If all goes well, you should have perfectly cooked and perfectly fluffy scrambled eggs. 

But maybe this all seems like too much work. If you'd like to stick to the traditional method, Tasting Table's got the perfect scrambled egg recipe covered.