Uber Eats' Rewards Program Is Ending. Here's What You Need To Know

As the saying goes, all good things come to an end — especially when they're free. Thereby goes the no-cost Uber Rewards program, which has been offering perks to Uber and Uber Eats customers since 2018, according to TechCrunch. Similar to travel-industry programs offered by airlines and hotels, Uber Rewards allowed users to accumulate points and exchange them for discounts within the Uber family of services, including rides and food delivery. Though the company is now sunsetting the rewards program, an enhanced new subscription-based option called Uber One has already launched.

Before considering the merits of shelling out membership fees for the new program, Uber customers can address the wind-down of their old loyalty perks. Uber Rewards officially ends on November 1, 2022, according to the company, which offers some guidance on existing point redemption and still-active rewards already redeemed. Points will continue accumulating for existing rewards members until the end of August, and they have until midnight local time on October 31 to redeem any and all points in their accounts. Redeemed points retain their original expiration dates, which typically occur 28 days after redemption.

According to Restaurant Dive, current Uber Rewards members can try out the new Uber One subscription program free for 30 days, which you might be especially interested in if you're looking for cross-country delivery with Uber Eats. Food delivery, in particular, gets a boost in the new program, which has expanded to include both restaurant and grocery deliveries with no fees when spending relatively low minimum amounts.

Uber One costs and benefits

The demise of Uber Rewards is imminent, but the company's alternative subscription-based program has been around since November 2021, according to Business Wire. New enrollees get slightly reduced membership fees when choosing an annual rate of $99.99. Otherwise, the monthly cost for Uber One is $9.99. Though it's a jump from the company's free rewards program, extra perks come with the extra dollars paid.

At the time of the product's launch, Awaneesh Verma, Uber's head of membership, explained how Uber One aims to make everyday life easier by providing access to rides, food delivery, and groceries under one umbrella program, notes Uber Investor. Benefits skim costs from all sectors of the Uber experience, including 5% off eligible rides and up to 10 % off eligible Uber Eats delivery and pickup orders, per Uber. Groceries do not receive a discount, but they do qualify for zero delivery fees with a $30 minimum order. Free food delivery from restaurants requires at least a $15 tab. Uber One members also receive special offers and promotions. 

Former rewards members will have already received an email explaining the cessation of the Uber Rewards program and the launch of its Uber One alternative. Uber devotees and newbies alike join Uber One through the company apps, explains Business Wire. To take advantage of this opportunity, simply open either the Uber or Uber Eats app, navigate to your account, tap on Uber One, and choose between the annual or monthly plan.