How Trader Joe's Shoppers Feel About Its New Banana Pudding Ice Cream

Momentum has been building for weeks as Trader Joe's shoppers anticipate the debut of a new ice cream flavor. News of the latest addition to Trader Joe's frozen dessert roster, banana pudding-flavored ice cream, leaked in early August, leaving banana lovers longing for the arrival of the tropical treat as the dog days of summer ticked off the calendar. According to an August 4 report by Sporked, the snafu was anything but a clever marketing ploy by Trader Joe's to build anticipation for the new flavor. Instead, a Trader Joe's employee was so overjoyed to discover the banana pudding ice cream in an early delivery that they tried it — and posted a TikTok video.

In the video, the poster, who goes by @anxioushungry, made it clear the new flavor wasn't yet in stores. Their impression? A mixed bag. "We accidentally got it in, and I had a bit of it yesterday," they said. "It's not in stores. Warning: It's not in stores, but keep an eye out for it because it's interesting. I had my first bite and was like 'ewww,' but then I kept eating it and literally couldn't stop."

The post garnered a flurry of comments, most asking when and where they could get their hands on a carton. So much so that @anxioushungry did a follow-up video estimating the official drop date.

A matter of taste

Instagrammer @traderjoesaficionado, apparently one of the first Trader Joe's shoppers to find the new flavor, posted a mixed-bag review, writing, "This sounds like a dream! Picked it up and tried it. It's extremely sweet, the hurt your throat kind of sweet. At least too sweet for me. The banana flavor is there, but I wish it had more wafers and less sugar. I know, I know it's ice cream but it was just too sweet for my palate."

Despite @traderjoesaficionado's less-than-stellar experience, their followers were game to try the new flavor, with one Instagrammer weighing in with, "Hopefully TJs will bless me with a carton!" and another noting, "Surprisingly, it's not too sweet! Definitely less sweeter than the peach cobblers and blueberry cheesecake. It's good."

A few followers asked @traderjoesaficionado if Trader Joe's banana pudding-flavored ice cream tasted anything like Magnolia Bakery's banana pudding. Alas, @traderjoesaficionado had to deliver bad news on that count, responding, "Ohhhh I love Magnolia's banana pudding and that's what I was hoping it tasted like. It doesn't. I think the caramel throws it off it's already sweet and then add caramel. There are no banana chunks."

Sounds like Trader Joe's banana pudding-flavored ice cream is a hit-or-miss flavor. It's a hit with people who are all in when it comes to the sweetness factor, but not so much among shoppers who prefer a more nuanced frozen dessert.