The Trick To Cooking 2 Frozen Pizzas On 1 Baking Sheet

There aren't many foods that are universally loved the same way that pizza is. The warm cheese and delicious toppings, mixed with tomato sauce and crunchy bread, is just too delicious to resist. While you can have a piece of tomato pie at a local restaurant, there's nothing like enjoying a slice from the comfort of your own living room. But let's be honest, some of those delivery pizza chains can get expensive and who wants to wait hours to get their food?

That's where store-bought pizza comes in, which are super easy to make and customizable. It's easy to toss on any ingredients you have on hand, whether it's black olives or something more uncommon like goat cheese. However, you may stumble on an issue if you try to cook a couple of pizzas at once. 

Many ovens can only fit one at a time or they heat your tomato pies unevenly if they're put on different racks. In fact, there's a whole Reddit thread dedicated to this exact issue, with users venting about their frustrations over how long the process can take if you just do one at a time or have uneven cooking times. Thankfully, one TikToker has created a solution to this annoying problem.

Cut the pizzas in half and place them on the same sheet

A German-speaking TikTok user posted a video with two large frozen pizzas and asked her followers, "How are two pizzas supposed to fit on a baking sheet?" (via Google Translate). She then takes a pair of scissors and cuts both tomato pies in half and then places them on the pan, so all the pieces fit perfectly. Social media users are seemingly fascinated by this hack, as it's been viewed over 360,000 times and has garnered over 18,000 likes.

According to Google Translate, one user wrote they were going to make sure to try this technique the next time they baked a frozen pizza. However, not everyone was convinced by this new method. Many wrote that they like the circular form of pizza or that they couldn't imagine cutting it with scissors. While another suggested just using parchment paper in between each pizza. Looks like there are as many opinions about which toppings are best for your tomato pie as there are about how to bake them.