Twisted Tea's Newest Offering Is A First For The Company

When the weather is warm out, there's nothing like a frosty beverage to take the edge of. Many reach for something refreshing like cold juice or a delicious iced tea. However, there's something that could possibly make the sweet drink even better — adding a little alcohol to the mix. That's what Twisted Tea has done in the past, but now they are adding something unique to their fan-favorite drink.

The brand is introducing Twisted Tea Whiskey for the first time to consumers. In a press release, the company said they were partnering with Beam Suntory to introduce the new beverage. The company said the drink will feature a "classic sweet tea taste balanced with real, well-rounded whiskey for a deliciously smooth blend of oak and bright lemon." This change in hard liquor will also up the alcohol proof to 65, which is much higher than a normal Twisted Tea.

"We are excited to continue our partnership with Boston Beer Company and to bring Twisted Tea into the whiskey space," said Senior Director of Strategic Ventures at Beam Suntory, Stephanie Kang. "We're taking the great taste of Twisted Tea Hard Iced Tea and reimagining it as a whiskey to deliver on the bold and unexpected experiences consumers are looking for."

Where you can buy the new Twisted Tea Whiskey

If you want to give this unique concoction a try, you'll have to be in specific areas. Food Dive reports that the Twisted Tea Whiskey is currently only available in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Ohio, Missouri, and Texas. The outlet explained the company is starting out small, so they can gauge interest and hear customers' feedback on the new drink. The beverage company said in the press release that giving consumers mixes they enjoy is important to them.

"We put our fans first in everything we do – from printing their photos on our cans to including them in our commercials, to bringing them the flavors and pack styles they ask for," said Brand Director for Twisted Tea, Erica Taylor, about the new drink. "Many of them are already shopping for flavored whiskey, so this is our way of giving them something they can call their own."