15 Drinks To Mix With Sprite For Easy Cocktails & Mocktails

Sprite is the crisp, cold drink that has it all. The lemon-lime flavor gives it a refreshing sensation while the carbonation provides just the right amount of fizz to almost convince us we're drinking something better than say, soda. While sipping on a cold Sprite is great on its own, it can also go well with a lot of other drinks. Sprite can be an awesome mixer to create a simple yet delicious cocktail, or it can be used to amp up a non-alcoholic sip full of flavor and bubbles.

Now, you may be wondering what in the world you can mix Sprite to possibly make it taste — dare we say — better? Lucky for you, we have lots of options to help get you started. We researched and found some of the best drinks that can be made simply by adding Sprite to the mix, ranking them from worst to best. Without further ado, here is our list of the best drinks to mix with Sprite.

15. Beer

Beer is a staple drink for many, especially when you're watching a game or grilling up a good burger. And it's usually desired all by itself, poured in a tall, cold, glass (or mug). However, there are times when beer might make a nice addition to a cocktail, especially if you're using the frothy favorite to create this peach-tomatillo michelada recipe.

But there are other ways to incorporate beer into drinks, too. According to With A Blast, mixing Sprite with lager beer can make for a refreshingly light sip. We say it's an option for someone who's not into tasting the true hops of the beer. Instead, you'll enjoy hints of lemon and lime, which can go down a lot easier. However, if you're a beer fan, this might not be your jam. All in all, we consider this our least favorite option when it comes to the best drinks to mix with Sprite.

14. Tea

When it comes to making a cold, refreshing pitcher of homemade iced tea, there are so many options you can experiment with. And if you're a tea lover, we're sure you've tried plenty of ways to change things up from time to time and have perfected the best iced black tea recipe. But have you ever tried adding Sprite to your black tea? According to QiFul Life, throwing some Sprite into the mix can add a new and fun flavor to your favorite tea combination, not to mention a little zesty zip for the summertime months.

While this is definitely a creative option, the one thing to note about this drink is Sprite might not always be the best choice for everyone. Many people like tea because it's typically a healthier option than soda. Because of that, we put the tea-and-sprite combo near the bottom of our ranking. For anyone looking to keep that zest without the added sugar, stick to using lemon instead.

13. White rum

White rum is absolutely delicious as a mixer in many drinks. We love using it to master a killer piña colada to sip on the beach or making one of the best daiquiris our friends have ever tried. But those drinks can require a good amount of various ingredients (and time) that sometimes we just don't have on hand. That's where Sprite comes in.

You may not necessarily think to combine rum with Sprite. However, according to InShaker, you can and probably should. All you need to do is pour white rum over ice and top it off with the soda before stirring and adding some lime for garnish if you desire. It's an easy take on a refreshing rum cocktail without needing a lot of ingredients to make it all happen. And you won't be stuck in the kitchen making it either. Now, that's something to toast to.

12. Orange juice

Here's the thing when we mix ingredients in our orange juice, we tend to reach for the bubbles to make a boozy mimosa to go alongside our eggs and pancakes. Brunch is nothing without the cocktails to go with it, right? But orange juice can be added to other drinks to make something special happen in the glass, too. Anyone in the mood for a Caribbean rum cocktail recipe? We sure are.

However, if you're looking to pump up your orange juice without flooding it with booze, we're here to tell you soda might be your ticket. Adding Spite to your glass of orange juice can make for a real bubbly drink without actually adding the bubbly, says The Peach Kitchen. Simply mix the soda with chilled orange juice and pour it into your favorite champagne flutes to get all the fancy feels without the horrible hangover the next day.

11. Whiskey

There are a number of things you can do with whiskey. Everything from a whiskey sour to an old-fashioned can help enhance this spirit to its fullest. Of course, we can't knock sipping on whiskey by itself (or over a big, ol' ice cube). If you can't tell, we're big fans of the spirit and know how we like to enjoy it, and if you're here, that's probably the case for you as well. 

So when we say you might want to consider adding Sprite to your whiskey, don't roll your eyes just yet. We know it might not sound as sophisticated as a Manhattan, but we have to tell you — the taste just might surprise you. Jameson Whiskey says adding Sprite to the spirit can make for an invigorating drink you'll likely want to enjoy all year round. All you need is whiskey, Sprite, ice, and an optional lime wedge to make this drink come together.

10. Vodka

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making a mixed drink with vodka. You can choose from something rich and creamy like a White Russian recipe to something a bit more tart and fun, such as a cranberry sauce frozen cosmopolitan recipe. While a fancy or traditional cocktail is always nice, you don't necessarily need to master one of these in your own home if you don't want to. There are plenty of other, easier ways to make a vodka cocktail.

We're especially fond of using Sprite and vodka together. This combination works well because of the lemon-lime flavor that Sprite brings into the mix (via Occasional Cocktails). The end result is light and refreshing with just the right amount of boozy crispness from the vodka. And don't be afraid to try this combo with several options of higher-quality vodka to discover which flavor does, in fact, work the best.

9. Gin

If you're a gin drinker, we're sure you're fond of the classic gin and tonic. We get it — so are we. This combination is a good one, as it's super light and goes down easy. However, what if we told you that mixing Sprite with gin can be just as good, if not, maybe even better? We'll let you draw your own conclusions on that, but we're pretty sure you'll like the two together regardless if it becomes your new favorite drink or not.

The best part of mixing Sprite and gin together is you don't have to go crazy with the labels. You can use pretty much any kind of gin you have on hand and you'll still get a good end result when it comes to flavor thanks to the lemon and lime that Sprite brings to the table. You can even level up that citrusy flavor simply by adding in freshly squeezed juice from a lime or lemon.

8. Cognac

Cognac is a spirit in its own category. While it comes from the world of brandy, it has interesting flavors that include a wide range of notes — everything from bitter to spicy, says Cognac Expert. Because of these intense flavors, cognac is a great mixing spirit — especially when you're looking to make a classic sidecar cocktail. But you don't have to get too fancy when it comes to your cognac mixers. Instead, all you have to do is add more Sprite, and the result will taste just as good as if you make something incredibly hard to master with oodles of ingredients.

You may also know this drink as the KC Tea, or perhaps you might not know it all. If you don't, it's one you should definitely get to know and we're here to tell you all about it. The recipe is simple (just cognac and sprite added over ice), but the taste is surprisingly delightful and incredibly refreshing, says Tipsy Bartender.

7. Rosé

We love the saying, "rosé all day," because we can drink that pretty flush pink wine all day long. It is our must-have wine in the fridge come summer, but we don't discriminate — we'll take it just about any time of the year. And when it comes to enjoying our rosé, we prefer to sip on it chilled. But we won't shy away from turning it into a frozen boozy slushy, either. However, adding Sprite to your rosé can also be a worthwhile cocktail experiment.

If you ask Dinner, Dishes, & Desserts, adding these two simple ingredients together can result in one hella good rosé wine spritzer. The combination of the light fruity flavors of rosé with the fizziness of Sprite help adds a hint of sweetness that creates a nice balance between the two. Add your rosé to the glass first, then top it off with Sprite and stir for a new take on an old favorite.

6. Sherry

Since it's a bit on the sweeter side, sherry has a bit of a reputation for being strictly a dessert wine. But that doesn't mean we can't enjoy it before that slice of cake is served up on the table. With its nutty and fruity flavors, this fortified wine is a great addition when it comes to your cocktail repertoire. 

Case in point: Mixing Sprite with sherry results in a pretty tasty cocktail. The reason why this creative combination works well is that the overall balance of flavors comes together nicely to make for a refreshing drink you'll want to keep sipping, especially during the hottest of temperatures (hello summer!). Be sure to use a dry sherry and mix it with Sprite over ice. Then, add a squeeze of lemon (if you have it on hand) to bring out the citrus flavors and enjoy this drink to its absolute fullest. 

5. Tequila

When we think of tequila, we can't help but think happy thoughts. Just the mere mention of it makes us crave a margarita and chips with guacamole enjoyed al fresco on a nice, warm day. Tequila can be sweet and fruity in taste which makes it ideal for a mixed cocktail. Or, if it's a really good quality tequila, enjoyed solo as well.

And while we love having our tequila mixed in a margarita, we don't always have everything on hand that's needed to make one while at home. But fear not because there is a simple alternative: using Sprite in your tequila. No, you're not making a traditional margarita this way, but you are utilizing the similar lemon-lime flavors you love from the cocktail, says BlackTail NYC. When mixing the two ingredients, be sure to reach for a higher quality tequila so you get the most richness and flavor possible in your drink. 

4. Lemonade

When the temperatures start to heat up (cue the summer heat wave), nothing beats the heat like a cold glass of lemonade. It's a nice mix of sweet and tart, making for a bright balance that quenches your thirst perfectly. We can't knock it either, because lemonade is great on its own. But what if we told you that your lemonade could be taken up a notch by adding Sprite?

According to A Fork's Tale, the combination of Sprite with lemonade can make for an even more refreshing mix for your parched palate. Frozen berries also help complement the tart lemon flavor which can be a great option for anyone looking to level up their lemonade this summer. We love that it's non-alcoholic, so you can have it any time of the day and not need to take a nap after. However, it's still versatile enough to be spiked with some booze if the mood strikes.

3. White wine

We have to admit, we love a good wine spritzer. It might be because this refreshing drink reminds us of long, hot summer nights and cooling off with a good, refreshing buzz. Or it could be because it's relatively simple to make and takes little to no time. Whatever the reason, a wine spritzer is one drink we go back to again and again.

One cool thing about the spritzer is it's pretty versatile in how it can be made. Sure, you need the white wine, but when it comes to a bubbly beverage, you can use just about anything you have on hand at home. While some prefer tonic water or club soda, we say Sprite can really make a wine spritzer come together just right. Mix chilled white wine with Sprite and ice, and you have a drink that just might become your new go-to come summer.

2. Red wine

When we think of red wine, we normally dream of pouring a nice glass of something smooth and berry-flavored. Nothing makes steak taste better than pairing it with a glass of big, bold Bordeaux. With so many delicious reds out there, we rarely consider adding anything else to the glass (except more wine). Well, unless we're using the wine to whip up an out-of-this-world sangria.

But you know what's even easier to make than sangria? Red wine and Sprite. When making this drink, all you need to do is add these two ingredients together over ice and stir. Here, you have a simple and easy-to-make drink that can be enjoyed while sitting outdoors by the pool (or on your fire escape). It's tasty, refreshing, and has a well-rounded flavor that just works. No wonder we consider this to be one of the top drinks to mix with Sprite.

1. Cranberry juice

We're all about a good cocktail, but sometimes life calls for something not so boozy. Whether it's a nice treat to help make the workday go by faster or if you are looking to cool off without the accompanying buzz, mocktails can be just as nice as the real thing. And this brings us to our number one spot for the best drinks to mix with Sprite: cranberry juice.

We know it sounds simple, and that's because it is. But the flavors of cranberry juice and Sprite work best together. Who wouldn't love a fizzy cranberry lemon-lime concoction? According to Savor the Flavour, mixing these two ingredients can make for a cool sparkling drink (sans booze) and is also a great way to ring in any festive celebrations or holidays. Combine the two ingredients in a glass and crushed ice. Feeling fun and flirty? Add your choice of fresh cranberries and rosemary to really kick up the visual appeal.