The Pro-Tip You Need To Make Perfect 15-Hour Potatoes

There's no question that potatoes are versatile. French fries, mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, and roasted potatoes are just some of the many recipes that one can make using a humble potato. But sometimes, you crave otherworldly potato combinations, which is one of the primary factors of dining at a Michelin-star restaurant. What starts out as regular grocery store ingredients soon transforms into works of art at these sought-after establishments, and when it comes to potatoes, Michelin-star chefs aren't shy about giving away their fancy potato recipes. Some of these favorites are pommes fondant by chef Curtis Stone, rösti-style potatoes by chef Patrick O'Connell, and tortilla Española by chef Chris Morgan, via Insider.

But there's one Michelin-trained chef who transforms peeled and sliced potatoes into a crispy and decadent 15-hour potato recipe, using just four simple ingredients, per Rachael Ray Show. Here's what her viral dish entails and the pro tip you need to replicate these perfect potatoes at home.

Put some pep in the beef tallow step

All hail Michelin-trained chef and "potato queen" Poppy O'Toole, who specializes in potato and garlic recipes per her TikTok page. She's made potato ice cream and garlic confit pommes, but one of her biggest viral hits lies in her 15-hour potato recipe.

Though the dish doesn't entail 15 hours of pure labor, it does consist of three hours in the oven and 12 hours of fridge time, per Rachael Ray Show. Outside of waiting for such potato magic to concoct, the steps are simple to follow. Mix a lot of thinly sliced potatoes with sea salt and beef tallow, layer them on a parchment paper-lined loaf pan, then bake, and wait. Afterward, place some weights on the potatoes, pop them in the fridge, and wait again. After 15 hours, the potatoes are finally ready to be sliced into one-inch chunks and fried until the color transforms into a rich golden-brown hue. The result? Beefy, fatty, and salty potatoes that are ultra-crispy on the outside and decadent on the inside.

Except there's one slight problem. Remember the step with the beef tallow? This needs to be done fast. According to the chef herself, "beef drippings set quickly" though "you can always reheat it on the stove or in the microwave." RecipeTips states that when an ingredient, such as gelatin, "sets," it means that a liquid becomes firm. And firm fat doesn't mix thoroughly with potatoes, which could result in uneven tastes and textures.