According To New Survey, Canned Soup Reigns Supreme In The Pantry

Canned food is a pantry no-brainer. With a long shelf life, any can is certain to make for a fail-safe weeknight dinner. Plus, cans come with enough variety to satiate your soup cravings and chili hankerings alike. Per, cans have a past as rich as their contents. Food preservation via canning has been popular since 19th century France when tins first emerged as a viable food-saving method. The canning process has surely evolved since the 1800s and is now a modern mainstay, thanks to the widespread accessibility of canned foods. Walk down any grocery store aisle, and you'll see the trend firsthand.

Indeed, cans are within reach in most American households. As of March 2020, USA Today reported that 98% of Americans stock their kitchens with an average of 24 cans of food. That's a lot of soup; think of all the Cambell's, Panera, and Annie's products you could have on hand. Regardless of what you choose, consider increasing the flavor of your next can by adding your favorite spices. Just because your food is ready to be heated, doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to what comes inside the tin. The can is only the base; it's up to you to transform it into your ideal meal.

According to a recent Tasting Table survey, however, one canned meal is most ideal. Nearly 24% of people voted in favor of the same cozy commodity.

Nearly a quarter of pantry shelves prioritize canned soup

Of the 588 people surveyed, 23.64% of voters, or 139 people, are likely to stock their pantries with canned soup over any other kind of canned food. Given the range of soups on the market, it's easy to understand why; tomato soup makes for a complementary side to grilled cheese while chicken noodle remedies any cold day. If hot weather dissuades your soup craving, there's no need to table your cans. Cold soups like gazpacho offer light alternatives to traditionally hot and hearty broths.

Following soup, canned tuna took second place on the shelves, receiving 22.28% of the vote. Over 130 people voted in favor of this salad topper, sandwich addition, and straight-from-the-can fish. Nearly tied with tuna, beans received 129 votes — nearly 22% of the favor. After these options, people preferred a sequence of canned vegetables. Tomatoes received 12.59% of the vote, or the taste of 74 people. Following tomatoes, corn and green beans earned 10.54% and 9.01% of the votes, respectively. These percentages translate to 62 and 53 people.

Although canned food may not seem particularly nutritional, canned vegetables like corn, tomatoes, and green beans offer adults a relatively seamless way of consuming more nutrients (per the Canned Food Alliance). It never hurts to get more vegetables in your system, whether they're fresh, frozen, or preserved in your pantry.