Big Changes Are Coming To All Of Walden Farms' Products

Following a reformulation of its popular salad dressings last year, Walden Farms has announced that it has completed its rebrand, bringing its entire line of products, including condiments, coffee creamers, and syrups up to the brand's all-natural standards. According to a press release released July 19, Walden Farms' entire product line is now formulated with real vegetables, fruit fiber, and natural flavors, removing all artificial sweeteners, flavors, and dyes.

Since 1972 Walden Farms has been best known for its specialty condiments and salad dressings which boast having zero calories, zero fat, and zero net carbs. According to the FAQs on Walden Farms' website, this means that the zero calorie products "meet the FDA's definition and requirements for the claim" and that any calories present are "trace calories" which are "present at such a low level they are considered insignificant." Additionally, "zero net carbs" refers to the fact that the dressings contain less than one gram of carbohydrate that is absorbed into the body, which does not include fiber or sugar alcohols.

According to Eat This, Not That, the brand began its overhaul in the spring of 2021 when it responded to complaints of artificial ingredients in its products by reformulating its 22 salad dressings to eliminate artificial colors and flavors.

Now GMO free

According to the press release, the completed rebrand sees not only new ingredients but new labeling on all the products meant to "increase appetite appeal" and improve the transparency of the products' ingredients. Currently, all the products on the Walden Farms website, except for its syrups, reflect the reported change. The syrups still say "improved taste and natural flavors coming soon."

In addition to the rebrand of the rest of the product line, the press release announced that the reformulated salad dressings have officially been confirmed as Non-GMO Verified, with more of the products expecting verification later this year. "With all the steps we've taken to improve the formulation and quality of our products, crafting Non-GMO dressings was the natural next step for Walden Farms," said the company's senior brand manager Deborah Sidney.

Eat This, Not That notes that as well as being zero calories, zero fat, and zero carb, Walden Farms products are vegan, gluten-free, Kosher, keto-friendly, and safe for people with diabetes. However, one nutrition-conscious website The No Salt, No Fat, No Sugar Journal, advises that the sodium content is still relatively high in many of the salad dressings and should be noted for those watching their salt intake.