The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies In Every State

There is perhaps no other treat that is as nostalgic as the classic chocolate chip cookie. Whether you prefer them piping hot from the oven with a gooey center or perfectly crisp with a nice crunch, chocolate chip cookies are universally loved and traditionally served with an ice-cold glass of milk. When it comes to chocolate chip cookie recipes, they are all relatively similar, but there is always an option to add some tasty enhancements like walnuts or flaky sea salt.

Though they are pretty easy to make, requiring little more than flour, sugar, butter, and raw egg, professional bakers and pastry chefs across the country have truly mastered the art of the chocolate chip cookie. From California to Connecticut, this beloved dessert has made a name for itself in cafes and bakeries all across the United States. That said, we've searched high and low for the best chocolate chip cookies in every state and compiled them into a handy list. Now, go satisfy your sweet tooth!

Alabama - Cookie Fix

Alabama is home to savory Southern cuisine, Gulf coast beaches, and the beloved Cookie Fix. With locations in Homewood, Cahaba, and Huntsville, Cookie Fix caters to a few different parts of the state, providing locals and visitors with chewy dipped cookies, sammies, and tea cakes. With more than 80 different flavors on the rotating menu, there truly is something for everyone at Cookie Fix.

Best of all, the ingredients used in all of the goodies at Cookie Fix aim to be as clean and natural as possible. If you're looking to cure your craving at home, simply take some of the frozen dough to go and follow the baking instructions on the website for fresh and warm cookies whenever your heart desires.

Alaska - Fire Island Rustic Bread Shop

Looking for classic chocolate chip cookies that will bring you back to your childhood? Fire Island Rustic Bread Shop is located in Anchorage, Alaska, and keeps things simple with their traditional take on chocolate chip cookies. Best of all, these cookies — along with other baked goods — are made fresh daily, ensuring a top-notch taste and quality.

Some other sweets on the menu include scones, muffins, cakes, and cupcakes. However, if you're looking for artisanal loaves of bread that are fresh and flavorful, Fire Island Rustic Bread Shop is the place for you. Also, every loaf and roll is made with organic flour and aged levain.

Arizona - Uncle Biff's California Killer Cookies

Despite the "California" in its name, these tasty cookies have made themselves right at home in Phoenix, Arizona. Uncle Biff's California Killer Cookies relies on the use of family recipes to make sweet treats that stand apart from the competition. Each and every cookie is made from scratch with all-natural ingredients, resulting in gourmet artisan cookies for the books.

The chocolate chip cookies are sizable and perfectly sweet, but there are also plenty of other flavors to explore such as white chocolate chunk, double fudge, and almond toffee. The chip shots with ice-cold milk are another must-order!

Arkansas - Three Best Bakery

The signature chocolate chip cookies from Three Best Bakery in Benton, Arkansas are available in half-dozen bags that go fast. They are a harmonious blend of chewy and crumbly textures, and they can be picked up in-store or shipped directly to your home. Some other innovative cookie flavors include white chocolate cranberry, vanilla smash, and triple chocolate.

Each batch of cookies is packaged in a beautiful and convenient bag that can be resealed between snacks. If you're looking for something on the softer side, smash cookies are a wonderful option. There are also a few gluten-free flavors for those who need to cater to specific allergies.

California - Diddy Riese

Diddy Riese has been putting smiles on faces and curing cravings since 1983. All of the goodies at Diddy Riese are baked from scratch every single day, resulting in creamy and flavor-packed cookies that never get old. The chocolate chip cookies are hands down the most popular item, but there are also other unique flavors such as candy chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia, and sugar cinnamon.

If you're looking to enhance your sweet treat, opt for an ice cream sandwich and indulge in some rich vanilla bean ice cream sandwiched between two warm chocolate chip cookies. You can also double the dough by opting for the cookie dough ice cream!

Colorado - The Colorado Cookie Company

Located in Lakewood, Colorado, The Colorado Cookie Company takes a classic approach to fresh-baked cookies. As the name suggests, the company specializes in cookies, and that is the only pastry that customers will find on the menu. The signature "Just Chocolate Chip" cookies have a nostalgic bite to them thanks to the crisp exterior and soft center.

If you are hosting a special event or gathering, the customizable buttercream frosted sugar cookies can help elevate a party spread and get everyone in the spirit. The Colorado Cookie Company also offers a few gourmet cookie flavors including s'mores, Nutella chocolate chip, and chocolate chip peanut butter.

Connecticut - Kathy's Famous Cookies

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, Kathy's Famous Cookies in Connecticut keeps things simple, classic, and high quality. Everything from Kathy's is baked fresh daily, and only the freshest and finest ingredients are used. From pure lemon zest to true vanilla bean, the taste and quality of the ingredients shine through in everything from the cookies to the cupcakes.

In addition to classic chocolate chip cookies, Kathy's also offers toffee chocolate chip cookies for those craving a more dynamic and decadent flavor profile. If you prefer crispy cookies, Kathy's offers a chocolate chip version that is prepackaged in bulk.

Delaware - Bella's Cookies

As the slogan suggests, Bella's Cookies in Milton, Delaware encourages customers to "treat themselves right" with some tasty and plant-based treats. Whether you follow a vegan diet or simply want to cut back on dairy produce, Bella's Cookies makes it easier than ever to cater to your sweet tooth while avoiding animal products.

In addition to plant-based eaters, this innovative bakery also accommodates those who are gluten-free or suffer from nut allergies. Bella's Cookies completely avoids the use of artificial ingredients, flavors, corn syrups, and trans fats, making these cookies as clean, healthy, and delicious as possible.

Florida - Batch, The Cookie Company

Batch, The Cookie Company puts a luxurious twist on the traditional chocolate chip cookie. Though it is named the "classic" chocolate chip cookie, it is far from basic. Made with Valrhona 55% semi-sweet dark chocolate, these cookies ooze a rich chocolate filling upon being bit into. The vanilla dough ensures that there are vibrant flavors across the board, and the flaky Maldon sea salt on top adds a savory touch.

Those who enjoy both savory and sweet combos will truly appreciate this recipe as the thick texture results in a very gooey and chewy experience. In fact, most of the cookies at Batch, The Cookie Company have this same texture, and some of them have special fillings like Oreo cheesecake or brown sugar cinnamon.

Georgia - Yaaas! Cookies

Yaaas! Cookies boasts a modern bakery setting with easy counter-ordering in the heart of Atlanta. Though this cookie shop closes on Mondays, it is open every other day of the week until 11:00 p.m. most nights, making it the perfect place to enjoy a late-night sweet. The chocolate chip cookies have a nice crunch on the bottom with a soft top, creating a satisfying texture combo.

The milky chocolate chips also blend in perfectly with the batter, creating a cohesive bite that blends all of the flavors harmoniously. Customers can even take advantage of the package deals which allow you to pick a variety of cookies along with a refreshing carton of milk or smoothie.

Hawaii - Mrs. Barry's Kona Hawaii Cookies

Though Hawaii is typically known for its crystal-clear waters, sandy beaches, and vibrant sea life, the Big Island is also home to the historic Mrs. Barry's Kona Hawaii Cookies. Opened in August of 1980, this beloved bakery has played a huge role in providing satisfying sweets to locals and visitors alike.

Made from scratch with a legendary recipe, the chocolate chip cookies from Mrs. Barry's Kona Hawaii Cookies are available in bags of 16 for less than $20. The chocolate chips are huge, and this browned cookie has a solid and hearty texture. Another great cookie flavor is the award-winning macadamia nut Kona cookie.

Idaho - Bear Paw Cookies

Bear Paw Cookies keeps things local and mellow by offering locals decadent desserts that bring forth a sense of nostalgia. From sugar cookies to ice cream, Bear Paw Cookies is a casual and quick spot to grab something sweet to cure your craving. However, as the name suggests, this beloved and community-oriented joint specializes in cookies.

The chocolate chip cookies are thick and chewy with a crisp exterior that provides a nice textural touch. The chocolate chips themselves are small but plentiful. In order to achieve the perfect bite, customers are encouraged to pair these cookies with a classic cappuccino or espresso.

Illinois - Anneliese's Cookies

The chocolate chip cookies at Anneliese's Cookies in the Chicago area are completely butter-based, resulting in small yet decadent bite-sized cookies that will have you coming back for more. This small yet impactful bakery relies on quality ingredients to keep the taste and texture as satisfying and clean as possible.

If you're looking for something more festive or sweet, the sprinkle cookies here are a major hit. That said, one of the best parts of trying the chocolate chip cookies at Anneliese's Cookies is the fact that a portion of all proceeds goes to Chicago-based charities in need, allowing you to feel just as good about your purchase as it tastes.

Indiana - Amelia's Fletcher Place

Amelia's Fletcher Place has two popular locations in Indianapolis, Indiana, and is open seven days a week, meaning you can get your chocolate chip cookie fix at any time. This charming bakery serves its community with care, and though Amelia's Fletcher Place uses modern technology to speed things up, it sticks with traditional techniques to craft decadent cookies.

All of the bread and pastries here are made fresh each morning, but the chocolate chip cookies, in particular, leave a lasting impression. The use of browned butter makes the batter all the more flavorful and rich, and the dense texture results in a filling and satisfying sweet.

Iowa - Nan's Nummies

Seeking sweets that will bring you back to your childhood? Nan's Nummies is a historic candy store in West Des Moines, Iowa. All orders are taken by phone only, so be sure to call ahead to get your hands on some of Nan's beloved chocolate chip cookies. You can easily pick out this classic candy shop thanks to its 50s-inspired red and white exterior.

When it comes to cookies, Nan's never uses frozen dough or pre-made mixers, ensuring that everything is made totally from scratch. The chocolate chip cookies are perfectly sweet but have a very distinct crunch, making them the ultimate cookie for customers who prefer crispy confections.

Kansas - Clocktower Bakery

Located in Overland Park, Clocktower Bakery offers a variety of cookies and pastries that change daily. From cakes to croissants, Clocktower Bakery puts care and creativity into each pastry that is made in-house each morning. The all-time-favorite chocolate chip cookies are soft and sweet, and they pair perfectly with a bowl of vanilla bean ice cream.

If you're looking to grab an array of treats during your visit, Clocktower Bakery is also known for making mouthwatering muffins, brownies, and macarons. This bakery also doubles as a cafe, offering everything from fresh-fired pizzas to sandwiches that make great lead-ins to your chocolate chip cookie.

Kentucky - Kizito Cookies

Kizito Cookies in Louisville, Kentucky sells thin and crisp chocolate chip cookies by the dozen. The small yet powerful chocolate chips are scattered evenly throughout the large treat, and the golden edges create a consistent crunch that will keep you coming back for more. Because they're sold by the dozen, you can buy them in bulk and save some for later.

If you're craving a classic chocolate chip cookie but want to take your experience up a notch, the "Lucky in Kentucky" cookie adds white chocolate chips and roasted pecans to the mix for a vibrant snack that puts an artisanal twist on the standard recipe.

Louisiana - Caroline's Cookies

If you're craving cookies while in Lafayette, Louisiana, Caroline's Cookies is a great place to start. Despite the fact that this adorable bakery has some truly unique offerings, the thick and crumbly chocolate chip cookies can't be beat. These cookies are closer to mounds than they are circles, and they are fully packed with delicious chocolate chips.

Though chocolate chip cookies are a menu staple at Caroline's, most of the other flavors change seasonally. From Funfetti cake batter to cookies and cream, all of Caroline's Cookies feature a dense texture that makes these mouthwatering sweets best served with a glass of milk or cup of coffee.

Maine - Standard Baking Co.

Portland, Maine is home to overcast beaches, a charming coastline, and some of the best lobster in the country. However, if you find yourself craving something sweet, Standard Baking Co. is anything but standard. This family-owned business uses local ingredients and has been promoting the artistry of baking since 1995. Best of all, the flour used in all their cookies is 100% organic.

When it comes to chocolate chip cookies, these quality ingredients allow customers to truly taste the difference between real and artificial, proving that even the simplest of recipes can be enhanced with the proper resources.

Maryland - Aunt Kelly's Cookies

Aunt Kelly's Cookies in Baltimore, Maryland adds crunchy walnuts to their classic chocolate chip recipe for a welcome nutty and savory touch. In addition to the texture, the walnuts add another level of taste. Coupled with the crisp edges and soft center, everything works together to create one of the best chocolate chip cookies in the city.

The other two main flavors featured at Aunt Kelly's Cookies in Baltimore include oatmeal raisin and butter crunch. Despite the minimal menu, this devout cookie shop has placed all of its focus and energy into perfecting these main flavors, along with other seasonal offerings.

Massachusetts - Top Shelf Cookies

Looking for the best cookies in Boston? Top Shelf Cookies prides itself on being truly top-notch. This innovative bakery even offers a cookie of the month club that delivers your sweet treats right to your door. The must-try "Hazel's Chocolate Chip" cookie is buttery and bold, featuring deep dark chocolate chips that take this classic recipe to the next level.

That said, if you're looking to branch out and try something new without straying too far from the classics, the "Boston Lager Chocolate Chip" cookie uses beer to add a malty flavor and an innovative twist to this traditional treat.

Michigan - Treat You Batter

Despite the fact that Detroit, Michigan is best known for being the birthplace of the modern automobile, Treat You Batter bakery has managed to turn a ton of attention towards a tastier side of the city. Open every day except Sunday, Treat You Batter brings fresh desserts baked from scratch to the heart of Motor City.

The chocolate chip cookies are beyond soft and chewy. If you prefer your cookies half-baked rather than crispy, these are the desserts for you. The chocolate chips are perfectly melted, providing a rich and lavish experience with every single bite. If you're craving something even more flavorful, the Nutella-stuffed cookies are another great option.

Minnesota - T-Rex Cookie

With nationally recognized cookies and shipping across the U.S., T-Rex Cookie goes above and beyond to cater to the needs of its customers. There are multiple T-Rex Cookie locations — one in Eagan and one in Minnetonka. When it comes to cookies, this small but passionate company believes that bigger is better ... literally.

Since launching in 2015, T-Rex Cookie has made headlines thanks to its half-pound and five-pound cookies. These massive treats are jaw-dropping (literally), but you can't beat the gooey fudgy pull you'll find in their chocolate chip cookies. Though you'll want to eat an entire cookie yourself, these massive treats are also great for sharing.

Mississippi - Campbell's Bakery

Campbell's Bakery is located in the heart of Jackson Mississippi and has been around since 1962. Though it was originally started by Louis and Jessie Campbell, it has since been taken under new ownership. In fact, the current owner, Mitchell Moore, is a successful pastry chef, and his skill can be seen woven through all of the baked goods at Campbell's — including the chocolate chip cookies.

For only $1.75 per cookie, customers can enjoy a sweet and soft confection that has all of the classic flavors of a traditional chocolate chip cookie. Other pastries made at Campbell's include teacakes, petit fours, brownie bars, and cupcakes.

Missouri - Pint Size Bakery

Pint Size Bakery in St. Louis, Missouri produces small-batch baked goods that are always made fresh in the morning. If you are in the area, start your morning right with some scones or muffins and grab some chocolate chip cookies for a sweet treat later in the day. All of the eggs used to make these cookies are sourced locally, and everything from the butter and sugar to the unbleached flour is completely pure.

Though Pint Size Bakery bakes goodies throughout the day, they tend to sell out, so it is best to get there as early as possible to snag your stash. The pastries rotate regularly with the seasons, but you can pretty much always count on the chocolate chip cookie to be on the menu.

Montana - Wild Crumb

Located in Bozeman, Montana, Wild Crumb is a cozy bakery that has everything from organic loaves of bread to tasty tarts. That said, the $1.75 chocolate chip cookies are the real winner. And though they are pretty simple, they maintain the classic and nostalgic flavor that everyone loves. These cookies are the perfect sweet to indulge in after having one of Wild Crumb's veggie or meat sandwiches, which are made with bread baked in-house.

In addition to pastries like croissants, tea cakes, and macarons, Wild Crumb also sells more elevated desserts such as cream eclairs and pound cakes.

Nebraska - Baked After Dark

Baked After Dark provides the residents and visitors of Omaha, Nebraska with the option to indulge in a late-night sweet six days out of the week. Though Baked After Dark is closed on Mondays, it is open until 9:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday and 11:00 p.m. Friday through Saturday.

The chocolate chip cookies here have a nice crunch on the edge with a soft and chewy center, and the ratio between chocolate chips and batter is pretty even. The cookies are made every day, and if you are lucky enough to enjoy them straight out of the oven, you are definitely in for a special treat.

Nevada - CurlyTop Baker

If you prefer chocolate chip cookies that don't skimp on the chocolate, then you'll love CurlyTop Baker in Las Vegas, Nevada. Sin City is home to restaurants, clubs, and bars that are larger than life, so it is fitting that the chocolate chunks used in the cookies at CurlyTop Baker are massive. This signature cookie uses both chocolate chunks and chips to create a chocolatey delight that makes for the perfect dessert.

These cookies are available by the dozen for $24. If you want to level up your classic chocolate chip cookie experience, try the mega chip cookie which is made with dark chocolate, white chocolate, and milk chocolate chunks.

New Hampshire - Potter's House Bakery and Cafe

Located in Rochester, New Hampshire, Potter's House Bakery and Cafe is a locally-loved spot with a wide selection of baked goods and a charmingly quaint atmosphere. The chocolate chip cookies are on the crunchier side, and they feature crisp edges with a golden top. They are also pretty sizable, giving you a solid bang for your buck.

If you're looking to snag a few flavors, some other popular options include the s'mores cookies and sprinkle variety. Though they are best straight out of the oven, the chocolate chip cookies from Potter's House Bakery can easily be enjoyed after cooling off later in the day.

New Jersey - Bang Cookies

With two locations in Jersey City, Bang Cookies has created a decadent chocolate chip cookie that is both gooey and chewy. But don't worry — even if you don't live in the New Jersey area, you can have these cookies shipped straight to your door. Between the use of quality ingredients and a major passion for quality sweets, Bang Cookies has managed to make nine different varieties of classic chocolate chip. Best of all, they are organic.

If you are looking to keep things as traditional as possible, the sea salt chocolate chip cookie is a harmonious blend of savory and sweet. Other varieties include double chocolate chip, walnut chocolate chip, and salted caramel chocolate chip.

New Mexico - Cravin' Cookies

Cravin' Cookies in Albuquerque, New Mexico has been serving up sweets since 2000. In addition to using local ingredients whenever possible, Cravin' Cookies also follows recipes that have been passed down for generations. All of the cookies are made in-house from scratch, ensuring consistency and quality.

The chocolate chip cookies are served by the half dozen, and they possess a nice crunch for those who prefer their cookies on the crispier side. If you want to add a kick to the classic chocolate chip, go for the red chili chocolate cookies. Looking to veer off the chocolate path? Cravin' Cookies also makes molasses, lemon chip, and a variety of shortbread cookies.

New York - Chip City Cookies

With locations scattered all across New York City, Chip City Cookies brings crumbly cookies to locals and visitors alike. The weekly menu is constantly changing, but the quality of the cookies remains consistent. The chocolate chip cookies in particular boast crisp edges with a soft center and silky chocolate chips. There is even an extra sprinkle of sugar on top for added sweetness.

In addition to chocolate chip, there are 17 other rotating flavors such as blueberry cheesecake, white chocolate macadamia, and Funfetti. All 18 flavors have been hand-crafted, resulting in an exclusive experience that is available in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island.

North Carolina - Southern Sugar Bakery

Craving something salty and sweet? The chocolate chip cookies from Southern Sugar Bakery in Raleigh, North Carolina, blend a classic batter with delectable chocolate chips and flaky sea salt to create a flavor-blasting dessert. Other classic cookie flavors served at Southern Sugar Bakery include lemon, double chocolate peanut butter, and old-fashioned butter.

Though there is nothing better than walking in and snagging a batch of fresh-baked cookies, Southern Sugar Bakery also sells bags of their housemade sea salt chocolate chip premium cookie mix, ensuring that you can get your hands on these cookies any time of day.

North Dakota - Real Good Cookies

As the name suggests, Real Good Cookies in Grand Forks, North Dakota is known for making some really good cookies. Each one is made from scratch using flours and sugars that are exclusively produced in North Dakota. Real Good Cookies features a rotating menu of flavors, however, chocolate chip is almost always included.

The chocolate chip cookies here are thicker than most, offering a very full and flavorful experience with each bite. If you aren't a local, Real Good Cookies offers nationwide shipping. All orders can be made online, ensuring that snagging these sweets is as easy and convenient as possible.

Ohio - Mrs. Goodman's Baking

Located in Worthington, Ohio, Mrs. Goodman's Baking Co. has been catering to local residents since 1986. Though Mrs. Goodman's Baking Co. is known for making some amazing custom cakes, the dynamic chocolate chip cookies are far from simple. The texture manages to be soft, chewy, yet crunchy, all at the same time.

For $1.95, customers can get a chocolate chip cookie that has perfectly crisp edges with a warm and soft center. You also have the option to build a box with the baker's dozen — simply mix and match your chocolate chip cookies with other flavors (like oatmeal butterscotch, brown sugar walnut, and snickerdoodle).

Oklahoma - OKC Sweets

From cupcakes to cookies, OKC Sweets is where you go to cure your sweet tooth in Oklahoma City. The chocolate chip cookies will run you $3 for each one, but you can expect a cookie with a firm yet chewy texture that pairs perfectly with a cold glass of milk or a strong cappuccino. While it's the chocolate chip cookies you're coming for, it's their signature buttercream cookies that'll make you stay.

Some other fun confections that customers can enjoy from OKC Sweets include homemade Rice Krispie treats, chocolate-covered Oreos, and oatmeal cream pies. If you're hosting a private event and want to cater some sweet treats, consider hiring the OKC Sweet Bus and having it bring these delicious chocolate chip cookies (and other goodies) straight to your location.

Oregon - PDX Cookie Co.

If you find yourself catching a late-night craving for chocolate chip cookies in Portland, Oregon, simply head over to PDX Cookie Co. and get your fix. When it comes to decadence, these gooey cookies take it to the next level — there is nothing quite as mouth-watering as pulling apart one of these soft and chewy treats. The chocolate chip cookies are packed to the brim with rich chocolate chips, but you can also customize your order exactly to your liking.

Some other tasty treats that PDX Cookie Co. is known for include the cookie dough cheesecake, Nana's pudding, and loaded apple pie. If you don't live in the Portland area, PDX Cookie Co. offers nationwide shipping.

Pennsylvania - Nancy B's Bakery

Nancy B's Bakery specializes in the art of chocolate chip cookies. Located in Homestead, Pennsylvania, this quaint bakery is open Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., ensuring that you can get your fix all week long. The chocolate chip cookies at Nancy B's Bakery are pretty large compared to most, and they are cooked in a way that gives them a brown exterior and slight crunch.

The chips used are rich and flavorful, and these cookies are best enjoyed with a cold creamy beverage of your choice. Though you can buy them as a single cookie, they are also available for purchase by the dozen.

Rhode Island - Feed the Cheeks

Between the gooey soft center and the huge chocolate chunks, the chocolate chip cookies from Feed the Cheeks boast bold sweetness and a chewy texture. Though the classic chocolate chip cookies are a must-order, Feed the Cheeks also releases a brand new flavor each month.

Located in Providence, Rhode Island, the cookies at Feed the Cheeks can be pre-ordered for pick-up or shipped to your home. For bulk orders, customers can choose between boxes of six or 12 cookies. Feed the Cheeks also makes festive cookie cakes that are made with 30 ounces of dough.

South Carolina - Silver Spoon Bake Shop

Silver Spoon Bake Shop is a local, neighborhood bakery that caters to the community of Columbia, South Carolina. Every Wednesday, a pre-order menu is posted at 8:00 p.m. and customers are able to pick up their goodies the following Friday between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. The chocolate chip cookies are a fan favorite, and they are packed full of rich chocolate chips that complement the soft and buttery batter.

Some other sweet selections offered at Silver Spoon Bake Shop include macarons, tea cakes, and cupcakes. That said, many items tend to sell out, so it is important to place an order as soon as the menu drops.

South Dakota - Queen City Bakery

Located in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Queen City Bakery is a fun and fresh bakery that encourages guests to come inside and take a load off while enjoying a big slice of chocolate cake or a classic chocolate chip cookie. The chocolate chip cookies are a bit toasty on the edges, but they still have a soft center, giving customers a nice blend of textures.

If you're looking to build a box of different cookies, explore other flavors like fruit and nut, sprinkle, or a nostalgic vanilla sandwich. Queen City Bakery also sells cupcakes, pies, and quiches.

Tennessee - Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company

Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company has two locations in Knoxville, Tennessee. Rather than a traditional flat cookie, these sweet treats have a round gooey center that is incredibly enticing. Some of the cookies are even given a splash of moonshine for good measure, enhancing the taste and experience of eating one of these decadent treats.

Though there are several different flavors to explore, Moonshine Mountain Cookie Company's version of a chocolate chip cookie is called a "Rocky Top," and it is made with creamy milk chocolate, semi-sweet morsels, golden rolled oats, and a rich butter base.

Texas - JD's Chippery

Everything is bigger in Texas ... including the chocolate chip cookies. The semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies from JD's Chippery melt in your mouth and crumble with ease. The cookies are served fresh and warm, allowing you to watch as the gooey chocolate oozes out of the fluffy pastry.

Other flavors on the menu include white chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, colorful sugar cookies with sprinkles, and more. JD's Chippery also sells muffins and cookie cakes in all different sizes. Simply order ahead and then pick them up upon arrival and cure your craving. Local residents can even have the cookies delivered straight to their door.

Utah - RubySnap

With locations scattered across Utah, RubySnap makes it easier than ever to have quality cookies shipped straight to your door. However, if you live close enough to one of the stores, you can walk right in and pick up your fresh batch in person. Each cookie has an actual name, such as Betty, Audrey, and Judy. The flavor combinations are innovative and unique, and each cookie boasts a soft and crumbly texture.

RubySnap's chocolate chip cookie is called the Amby, and it features chocolate chips and walnuts. However, the brown butter in the batter is what makes this classic cookie stand out from the crowd.

Vermont - Vermont Cookie Love

From cookie gift boxes to intricate baskets, Vermont Cookie Love has all of your sweet treat needs covered. The fresh-baked cookies are shipped out the same day that they leave the oven, ensuring a decadent dessert no matter what! All of the dough is completely GMO-free, and there are no artificial flavors or preservatives used.

Of course, Vermont Cookie Love's original cookie flavor is none other than chocolate chip. Made with semi-sweet chocolate morsels, this cookie remains classic and timeless. Also, they are made with zero nuts, ensuring that those with an allergy can still indulge.

Virginia - Livin' The Pie Life

Situated in the heart of Arlington, Virginia, Livin' The Pie Life serves up some of the freshest handmade pies and desserts in the state. Everything on the menu is made from scratch early each morning, and the aroma that fills the bakery is sure to make your mouth water. In addition to being very fresh, most of the ingredients used to make these baked goods are locally sourced, allowing you to support local farmers and businesses with your purchase.

Though you might come for the pie, you'll certainly stay for the chocolate chip cookies which boast a crisp edge and a gooey center. The semi-sweet and dark chocolate combo results in a rich flavor that makes this cookie beyond spectacular.

Washington - Lowrider Cookie Company

The Pacific Northwest is a unique and hauntingly beautiful part of the country, and it is a true nature-lovers paradise. That said, if you ever find yourself in Washington, a visit to Lowrider Cookie Company should be at the top of your list. There are locations in the Central District and Georgetown, but even if you're not in the area, you can take advantage of Lowrider Cookie Company's nationwide shipping.

However, fresh is always better. There are six signature flavors that are available at all times, a few of which are birthday cake, lemon crinkle, and the famous brown butter triple chocolate chip cookies. The brown butter makes a huge difference in the batter, adding a more decadent and rich layer to the cookie.

West Virginia - Spring Hill Pastry Shop

West Virginia is home to some of the best comfort food in the country. That said, when it comes to chocolate chip cookies, Spring Hill Pastry Shop is your one-stop shop for comforting sweet treats. Located in South Charleston, Spring Hill Pastry Shop is known for making beautiful and bold cakes for every occasion along with tasty pastries like donuts and danishes.

All of the cookies are completely homemade and prepared in batches each week, ensuring quality cookies that have a classic chocolate appeal. These cookies are very soft but refrain from being overly sweet. And with an over 70-year history, you can expect a top-notch taste.

Wisconsin - Yummee Treats

Yummee Treats is famous for its ooey-gooey chocolate chip cookies along with a variety of other baked goods such as cinnamon rolls and cheesy bread. Though there are also other cookies on the menu — like oatmeal raisin and s'mores — the chocolate chip cookies take the cake, and pair perfectly with a cold glass of milk for dunking.

The story behind the name is also touching, paying homage to the owner's mother. In addition to quality ingredients, Yummee Treats puts its heart and soul into the baking process, resulting in mouthwatering goodies that will have you coming back for seconds.

Wyoming - Persephone Bakery

Between the white-washed interior and the picturesque pastries, Persephone Bakery is the ultimate destination for a quality cookie when in rural Wyoming. Everything at this adorable bakery is made fresh daily, meaning the bakers get up at the crack of dawn to bring patrons decadent baked goods that make mouths water.

Keep in mind that the chocolate chip cookies have a tendency to sell out, so do your best to order ahead. If you need an extra caffeine boost, indulge in one of Persephone's famous coffees and take home a t-shirt or hoodie while you're at it.