Not Even 8% Of People Prefer This Cheese On A Charcuterie Board

The ultimate millennial meal doesn't include cold-brew or even avocado toast. Rather, charcuterie boards have exploded in popularity, leaving plenty of creative freedom for curating your ultimate cheese platter.

According to Business Insider, French-inspired charcuterie boards have turned trendy thanks in no small part to social media. Pictures of meat and cheese boards have enticed even snack-for-dinner doubters into experimenting with fun charcuterie combinations. In fact, The Washington Post recently declared such pick-and-choose dinners as the practical meal strategy of the now.

But no matter how beloved charcuterie boards have become, they can't please everyone. No meat, cheese, fruit, and wine combination is equal — and no preference universal. Some cheeses are more beloved than others, so to prepare for your next charcuterie concoction, you need to know your guest's preferences.

Luckily, these preferences are fairly easy to gauge. Charcuterie consumers tend to prefer one type of cheese — and leave another still crumbling on the board.

When it comes to soft cheeses, charcuterie boards are looking a little blue

Sorry, blue cheese fanatics. Of the 515 people surveyed by Tasting Table, only 41 cheese lovers were willing to go to bat for blue cheese. Less than 8% of charcuterie consumers preferred blue cheese, while just under 9% opted for no crumbly cheeses, such as goat or feta, whatsoever. They received just 46 votes in total.

Yet while those surveyed didn't widely prefer blue cheese, many agreed on a charcuterie go-to. More than 42%, or 219 people, favored firm cheeses like cheddar and Gruyère. Meanwhile, 114 people opted for hard cheeses like Parmesan. Somewhere in the neutral zone were the soft cheeses; mascarpone and the like settled in the middle, with 18.45% of the vote.

So don't count on wrapping up any leftover Gouda. Instead, take home your remaining blue cheese and get creative. You never know what you'll have an inkling to make. Maybe you'll even convince blue cheese haters to try your cheesy wing dip.