8 Best Toaster Brands, Ranked

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Sometimes there's nothing better than a solid piece of toast. The edges crisped and browned with the inside still plush and pillowy (or if you're a heathen who prefers your toast burnt, then like that). Toast is wonderful plain with butter, jazzed up a bit with jam, or used as the grounding point in sandwiches both simple and complex. In other words, if you can't get your toast right, you're screwed.

Yes, toast is only as good as the bread you make it with. But the toaster appliance itself plays a vital role as well. Does it evenly toast your bread? Is one side hotter than another? Is there enough space for a thick piece of sourdough? These are important details to take into consideration when purchasing a toaster. Of course, you also want to know about performance, style, and reliability. Below we've ranked our choice of toasters from worst to best.

Rae Dunn

Aren't we done with the Rae Dunn obsession? For those of you who don't know, Rae Dunn is a housewares brand known for using its iconic font to label plates, mugs, butter dishes, and now toasters. Folks love the designs and, our feelings aside, people are fans of this toaster's surprising performance (via Amazon). Reviewers praise Rae Dunn's toaster for being both beautiful and well-made. All of them have the attitude of "looks good, works good." And, hey, we can't dock that! The toaster does come with a removable crumb tray, which is great for mitigating possible kitchen fires. It also boasts six toasting levels, plus a defrost option.

We understand the retro appeal and whimsical kitschiness that comes from products like this one, it just feels incredibly risky to purchase an expensive toaster ($54.99) because it's trendy right now. And that's the reason Rae Dunn finds itself near the bottom of our list.


Let's be honest: You're buying Smeg products for the aesthetic. They're beautiful machines, don't get us wrong, but there are toasters that do the job better. But we'll focus on their looks first. Smeg products come in an array of pastel hues, though the toaster does also come in a bright red for those looking for something feisty. The brand seems to take after the retro-futurism concept, with stainless steel details like a ball lever to lower your toast, which give it both the '50s and Star Trek vibe.

But, that beauty can only go so far. And reviewers, while impressed with the design, often complain about the product's limited warranty and overall "meh" build (via Amazon). One reviewer brought the two issues together to explain how their first Smeg toaster would only toast one side so they returned it, thinking their appliance was an exception, only to have the next one do the same exact thing. Another customer's toaster blew their circuit.


Oster is a bit of a wild card. Some of its toaster products have great reviews — like this 2 Slice option from the Metropolitan collection, which has over 1,000 reviews on Amazon with a large majority of them being 5 stars — while the toasters featured on the site leave much to the imagination. For example, the first four reviews on the 4-Slice Long Slot Toaster available on Oster's website give the appliance one star, saying it provides inconsistent and uneven toasting with one side of your toast or bagel coming out charred, while the other is merely warmed (and if your toast is stuck, this is a neat trick for getting it out of the toaster).

And yet, some of the reviews under that very same 4-Slice are positive! One person wrote in to say their toaster has lasted over six years without any problems. But this brings up our main problem with Oster toasters: You just don't know what you're getting. Your toaster could be an amazing piece of machinery, a workhorse of an appliance, or it could be the complete opposite. So if you enjoy a bit of mystery in your life, then Oster is the brand for you.


If you're looking for a toaster from the future, look no further than Revolution's InstaGLO R180 Toaster. This toaster features a touchscreen with smart settings that allow you to riffle through and pick exactly what you're toasting — from English muffins and pop tarts to bagels and waffles (via Revolution Cooking). According to the Amazon listing, InstaGLO R180 is 35% faster than leading premium toasters. It also apparently holds in 30% more moisture, so your bread comes out toasted but not dry.

The InstaGLO R180 has over 60 settings across its interface. It hits up and cools down incredibly quickly, making it both more efficient and safer in the kitchen. The screen counts down and there's a chime to alert you when your toast is done. Unlike the traditional blare of noise, this sound is described as a "happy finishing chime." If you're extremely particular about your toastiness level, Revolution's InstaGLO R180 might be the perfect toaster for you.


When it comes to Black+Decker toasters, specifically the 2-Slice toaster offers good performance at a low price without compromising on quality — which you can count on with this brand. With Black+Decker products, what you pay for is what you get. And sometimes that's all you need. With the 2-Slice, there's a drop-down crumb tray that collects crumbs without taking up more counter space (via Amazon). This toaster also operates with 850 watts to toast quickly but precisely. The only odd thing reviewers note is that the cord comes out the front, which doesn't mean much in terms of safety concerns but is just a bit awkward on the counter.

When it comes to the other toasters available on Black+Decker, most are sold out. That is annoying, yes, but also a great sign that people love this brand. The toasters vary greatly in price but you'll never find them priced at or above $100. Black+Decker is the epitome of quality while being affordable.


KitchenAid appliances are always trustworthy — just ask your mother's stand mixer that she's had for well over 20 years. Its toasters are no different, with at least four ranking highly on Amazon thanks to customer reviews. One of these toasters is the KitchenAid 4-Slice Toaster with manual high lift, which is basically drowning in 5-star reviews. The 4-Slice is heralded for being easy to clean, reliable, allows for thicker slices of toast, and has a sturdy electrical cord. Ultimately, it's built to last in your kitchen.

You won't find an extensive list of toasters on the KitchenAid website. However, they come in an array of colors, including both a vibrant red and more of a purple-red — among, of course, the more traditional colors of black, pearl white, silver, and stainless steel. And, you'll find that while there are not a ton of different options, KitchenAid really lives by the adage quality over quantity.


Cuisinart toasters are reliable and designed to save that precious countertop space. The toasters have a classic design that looks good in any kitchen. Specifically, the Metal Classic 4-Slice Toaster is designed with brushed stainless steel and polished chrome (via Amazon). But Cuisinart toasters come in all shapes and sizes, and price ranges.

On Cuisinart's website, you will find 19 available toasters for your perusal. There are classic options — the long slot toaster with levers — and contemporary versions with touchscreens. The latter allows you to pick between six shade settings, various functions like defrost and bagel, and a lever to push the toast down. But if the lever feels too antique for your toasting routine, Cuisinart also offers lever-less motorized toasters.

All of these options average at 4 stars, which might not seem as exciting as 5 stars, but indicates a consistency of production that cannot be denied. Over on Amazon, you'll find them beloved for this very reason! These toasters are built to last and built to perform.


Breville toasters are always fan favorites. They're built sturdy and last long. They are maybe not the most gorgeous-looking appliances, but you'll forfeit style for performance every time — trust us. Specifically, we're talking about the new Breville Die-Cast 2 Slice Smart Toaster (via Breville). It has wide slots for bagels, promises even toasting, and has been heavily tested to ensure quality. You also won't see a lever, which is sort of the new trend in updated toasters. Simply press a button and the appliance will lower your toast for you.

Perhaps the most exciting features are "a bit more" and "lift and look," which are featured on many of the Breville appliances. How many times have we wanted to toast just a bit more without having to monitor your toast so it doesn't go too far? The "lift and look" button lets you check on your toastiness shade without interrupting the process. Breville thought of everything. With all the toaster options, you'll find peak performance and style — especially the Breville Toast Select Luxe which has a fun retro aesthetic.