Dubai Just Got Its First-Ever Michelin Guide

Dubai has only recently started to be recognized as a major world city. That owes, in part, to it being considered a gateway city with a diversified economy (per Forbes). It even sports the world's tallest building (via The Skyscraper Center). Dubai is seen as a modern city as it didn't really take off until the 1966 discovery of oil in its territorial waters (via Gulf News). Yet this gleaming jewel of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is as ancient as they come. Evidence of Iron Age artifacts were unearthed at the Suraq al-Hadid archeological site, notes a 2014 report in the journal, Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy

The collection of Levantine snake idols, Indus Valley carnelian beads, and tin not found on the Arabian Peninsula speaks to Dubai's enduring role as a center for global trade; a role it enjoys to this day. It is no surprise then that modern Dubai boasts a vibrant international population. Aside from Emiratis, the city has many Indian, Bangladeshi, Filipino, Somali, and British citizens and residents, according to the World Population Review

Marking its further ascendance onto the world stage, Dubai now has its very own edition of the Michelin Guide, the vaunted one- to three-star review book of top restaurants, announced Michelin Guide.

Inside Dubai's dining scene

Dubai's food scene is relatively new, states Tabl. But in a short amount of time, it has built itself up to a level that contends with some of the world's top dining destinations. On the streets and in local cafes, one can find traditional Emirati fare, Arabic coffee, and even camel burgers. If you're looking for something a bit fancier, celebrity chefs have opened restaurants here, with an outpost of Gordon Ramsay's Hell's Kitchen and a hotspot from Singaporean chef Akmal Anuar.

For sweeping views and stunning dishes, Dubai diners head up the sailboat-esque Burj al-Arab hotel to the 1-star Al Muntaha. There they are treated to decadent delights, such as caviar and truffles, as they look out on the city. Included in the 2-star listings for Dubai are Il Ristorante-Niko Romito. Patrons enjoy updated and upscale versions of classic Italian dishes and, for those with deep pockets and appetites, a comprehensive "Degustazione" menu is available.

Beyond the stars, Michelin also offers a notable nod known as the Bib Gourmand indicating a restaurant that offers a quality dining experience at a relatively affordable price, explains Fine Dining Lovers. Dubai has 14 Bib Gourmand holders. Check out third-generation owned Shabestan, a Persian restaurant with a variety of marinated meats, and Al Khayma for their live music and traditional regional cuisine.