Georgia's New Bar Suspended Above A Canyon Is Perfect For Thrill Seekers

If you're the kind of person whose legs get squishy at the edge of a scenic highway overlook or who white-knuckles it through a winding, switch-back mountain drive, you may want to sit this one out. But thrill-seekers who thrive on a good, old-fashioned rush of adrenaline are going to love it.

The Republic of Georgia, at the crossroads of western Asia and eastern Europe (via World Atlas), just upped the ante when it comes to the unofficial quest for world dominance in the category of awe-inspiring, glass-floored suspension bridges when it partnered with Georgia-based Kass Group to build a 787-foot glass bridge. Suspended over Dashbashi Canyon, about two hours southwest of the capital city of Tbilisi (via CNN), the official opening of the Diamond Bridge (per Radio Free Europe) comes hot on the heels of the April 2022 debut of Vietnam's Bach Long Bridge. When it opened, Bach Long — located in the rural highlands of northwestern Vietnam — set a Guinness World Record, spanning about 2,073 feet and suspended almost 500 feet above ground level.

But there's more to Georgia's Diamond Bridge than its impressive, but not record-breaking, length and height.

A new Guinness World Record in the works?

Located at the highest point in the middle of the bridge, Kass Group built a fully functioning, diamond-shaped, multi-level bar offering panoramic views of the Dashbashi Canyon, a Georgian national monument (via CNN). The uniquely shaped bar has a secret, too. Look closely and you'll see its diamond shape mimics the surrounding landscape. The entire structure, including the suspension bridge and bar, took three years to build at a cost of about $40 million. Constructed primarily from steel and glass to maximize the view and complement its setting, the structure showcases lush landscape, waterfalls, and caves. There may even be a Guinness World Record in its future. CNN reports statistics have reportedly been submitted for consideration in a bid to officially designate the bar as the largest and tallest hanging structure in the world.

And if traversing the glass-bottomed bridge en route to the suspended bar doesn't provide enough of an adrenaline rush, there's also a zip line for bicycles. That's right, you ride a bike across a zip line, but fear not. Harnesses are involved and the few people who have experienced it to date report it feels safe and secure (via YouTube). We're not sure, though, if it's better to stop at the bar, then take a ride on the zip line, or vice versa.