DoorDash Has 4 New Features To Make It Easier To Find Good Food

Food-delivery services have been a big help for both consumers and businesses during the pandemic. Orders from these delivery apps surged during the pandemic, according to Bloomberg Second Measure. The latest statistics show that DoorDash is the top food-delivery app with 59% of sales during April 2022.

However, with in-person dining becoming popular again and with the rising inflation, the usage of food-delivery apps is declining and stock shares of several of the popular apps — including DoorDash — are falling, per NBC News. In November, DoorDash's stock peaked at $246. In April, it was down to $89; a decline of 62%. But that isn't stopping DoorDash, which stated in its 2022 letter to stockholders that profits are soaring, from making improving to its app. In a June 13 press release, the company introduced four new features to make it easier for consumers to find what they are looking for. Most everyone knows what it's like to scroll endlessly through one of these apps, trying to decide what do have for dinner. DoorDash expressed that these new features may help eliminate "decision fatigue" (per the press release).

DoorDash improves app for users

Across the United States, Canada, and Australia, about 400,000 restaurants are registered with DoorDash (via Spruce Eats). So even when you narrow it down to your local area, there's usually still a lot of places to choose from. The new features introduced by DoorDash aim to help make it easier for their consumers to find the items that they want.

The four new features, as explained in the press release, are Most Liked Items, Written Reviews, Top 10 Lists, and Most Loved All Stars. "We're always thinking about how we can make the shopping experience even more frictionless and relevant for our customers," said Helena Seo, DoorDash head of design in the release. "With the launch of the Most Liked Items feature, we're saving consumers over 400,000 hours annually, reducing decision fatigue when deciding what to order. We're excited for consumers to find the delight in discovering new restaurants and dishes, trusted and loved by locals." 

The new features will allow app users to receive recommendations from locals, read about other people's experiences with restaurants, see curated lists like top new restaurants, and discover restaurants that always come through in with service to users. DoorDash predicts that these new options will make for less scrolling in our lives and more of the food options that we want.