Wilton Just Recalled Some Of Its Rainbow Sprinkles. Here's Why.

Imagine, if you will, an ice cream sundae you've just made. Atop a base of chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice creams sits a mountain of whipped cream — from a pressurized can, naturally — studded with Spanish peanuts, maraschino cherries, and, finally, dusted with a playful rainbow of candy sprinkles. Just then, someone rushes in and snatches the sweet treat from in front of you, informing you of a recall of one of the items.

Is the ice cream tainted with listeria? Does the whipped cream harbor E. coli? No, it's the least usual of suspects: the sprinkles.

It is hard to imagine anything remotely negative being uttered in the same breath as edible sprinkles. But, indeed the unthinkable has happened, as several batches of Wilton Brands' Rainbow Chip Crunch Sprinkles and Rainbow Sprinkles Mix have been voluntarily recalled due to the presence of milk not disclosed in the ingredient list, according to an FDA press release.

Dangers of dairy

Needless to say, milk, even in trace amounts, can cause a range of bad reactions for those with dairy sensitivities, from hives and an upset stomach to potentially life-threatening anaphylactic shock (via the American College of Allergy, Asthma, and Immunology.) The FDA recommends those who have purchased the affected sprinkles dispose of them or return them to the point of purchase.

No one will argue that chucking a container of sprinkles feels a touch hard-hearted, like something the Grinch might do to spite the cheer of an unsuspecting child. But fear not, as the folks at Wilton — yes, the very same recalling their own sprinkles — have generously provided a recipe for DIY sprinkles. It calls for powdered sugar, warm water, and meringue powder with the option of adding food coloring. Nary a bit of dairy in sight, but a kind gesture from a company that would rather you make your own sprinkles than go without.