Less Than 15% Of People Prefer This Cut Of Steak

Cooking up or ordering a steak dinner out at your favorite steakhouse might sound like a special occasion or treat for yourself. But, that could also depend on just what cut of steak it is you have on your plate. As it turns out, there is a fairly large divide between people as to what cut of steak is preferable. When we asked Tasting Table readers which cut they prefer, a total of 515 people responded and you might be surprised by their answers.

The choices of steak that those responding could choose between included top sirloin, strip, ribeye, t-bone, and tenderloin. The top two picks according to our poll were ribeye and tenderloin which, together, collected 274 of the total votes. Ribeye was selected by 146 people, or 28.35% of the vote while 128 people, or 24.85%, selected tenderloin. While there are many differences between each of these cuts of steak, ribeye likely remains a popular cut because it is very tender and flavorful thanks to its high fat content (via My Chicago Steak).

These were the least popular cuts

According to the Tasting Table survey, top sirloin, strip, and t-bone were the three choices that made the bottom of the list. Top sirloin and strip received nearly an equal number of votes, 86 and 81, respectively. That means 16.70% of people preferred top sirloin and 15.73% chose strip steak as their favorite. Ultimately, that means that t-bone was the last choice for the majority of respondents. Just 74 people, or 14.37% of the vote, went to t-bone steaks.

For those who don't understand why people might choose this cut over the others, it could be because you can get two textures and flavors of steak in one single cut, according to My Chicago Steak. The t-bone steak is tender and includes both a tenderloin and a strip. Of course, when you get two types of steak in just one cut, the price is obviously higher. So, if getting both types of steak in one serving isn't a top priority for you, then it is likely easier on your wallet to simply get your favorite cut alone.