Is It Dangerous To Heat A Can Of Baked Beans On The Grill?

Backyard cookouts and baked beans go hand-in-hand. Whether you're serving grilled burgers and brats or smoked brisket, baked beans are a staple side dish. Even Tasting Table's recent poll shows that baked beans are the most popular BBQ side dish. They are often associated with the northeastern United States where, according to the New England Historical Society, they traditionally are made with molasses or maple syrup and are slow-cooked in a beanpot.

However, sometimes you just need a quick side dish. There are plenty of canned baked beans options to choose from at the grocery store. If you're wanting to jazz them up a little, you could add bacon or even some Sriracha. Per HEB, to heat up a can of Bush's Baked Beans, it is recommended to use the stovetop or the microwave. But what if you want to cook them outside? Maybe you're camping or grilling in the park and don't have access to kitchen appliances. Or maybe you're cooking hot dogs in a backyard fire pit and want to prepare some baked beans out there, too. So, is it safe to cook the baked beans while they are still in the can?

Taking baked beans outside

As far as cooking the popular BBQ side dish while still in the can, Gone Outdoors explains that it is possible to do so safely. However, you need to be careful. First, you need to make sure that you open the can. You should also be aware that its thin metal may burn easily, so it's recommended to cook it over coals and not flames. Experts recommend having a wire and stick handy and making a "tin can billy" by bending the wire into a handle for the can (via Gone Outdoors). Then you can hang that onto the stick over the heated coals.

While it's possible to cook them outdoors still in the can, the safety concerns might be intimidating. If you are using a grill, you can also cook them in a cast-iron skillet, per Food Network. Regardless of where you decide to cook your canned baked beans, one thing you should remember is a can opener.