New Seinfeld Coffee Blends Were Inspired By Your Favorite Characters

It's no secret that Americans love coffee. A 2021 survey from Statista revealed that the morning pick-me-up is actually the most consumed beverage among adults living in the U.S., with 59% of the 5,700 participants saying they drink it regularly. Java aficionados tend to have favorite roasts, blends, and types — out of the many different kinds available — but of course there is always something new brewing in the coffee world.

If you consider yourself someone who loves a good cup of joe and '90s sitcoms, then you're in luck! The latest buzz coming from online coffee retail brand Bean Box is the arrival of its new Seinfeld line. Available for a limited time, the collection showcases four coffee blends inspired by the main characters from the hit TV show. Priced at $28, a set comes with four 1.8-ounce bags which shoppers can choose as either ground or whole bean.

What do the new Seinfeld coffee blends taste like?

The limited-edition Seinfeld collection is available to pre-order now, and customers can expect to begin receiving it by June 14. The Bean Box website describes the special blends as "expertly-curated artisan coffees" from the "best independent roasters" in the U.S. that capture the "complex and quirky personalities of New York's most relatable group of friends." The inspiration for each one is clear because the coffees take their names: Jerry's Diner Blend, Kramer's Giddy Up, George's Serenity Now, and Elaine's Little Kicks.

Food & Wine shares the lowdown on each flavor: Jerry's Diner Blend is a Brazilian blend that's supposed to be an easy sip, with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, and roasted almonds. Kramer's Giddy Up is a bold Ethiopian blend that invokes the character's big persona with touches of citrus, mango, and papaya. George's Serenity Now is dark and toasty, with molasses and bittersweet chocolate flavors. Elaine's Little Kicks is a Mexican blend that's spicy and sweet with hints of cocoa and cinnamon. In addition to the box set, the outlet reports fans will be able to purchase 12-ounce bags of each individual flavor, starting at $19.

Though you may want to avoid drinking them on an empty stomach, the brews are hopefully as fun and lively as the "Seinfeld" characters you love.