Salt & Straw's New Ice Cream Features Adaptogenic Mushrooms

It's not every day that we can say there is an ice cream out there that fulfills a craving and serves us in more ways than one. Yet, here we are.

Portland-based artisanal ice creamery Salt & Straw has been known for serving up unique flavors using the freshest ingredients, so it's not all that surprising it has something spectacular brewing. The company is working with coffee bean blender Wunderground to provide a "Mushroom Magic" ice cream collection featuring ingredients we wouldn't expect in a series of frozen delights. In a press release, Salt & Straw reveals that while the collaboration features three different flavors, all share the quality of being made with adaptogenic mushrooms. The limited-edition collection will be available for shipping in the U.S. starting May 13, and cost $78.

According to the Food Network, these mushrooms play significant roles in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine because they can help the human body deal with external, negative stimuli. The network also explains that these particular adaptogenic mushrooms — Lion's Mane, Reishi, and Chaga — usually present as food additives and supplements that are taken for everything from dealing with negative moods to lowering cholesterol. A further distinction between medicinal and adaptogenic mushrooms is made with some help from Healthline. While mushrooms can have medicinal qualities, adaptogenic mushrooms can help our bodies respond to stress. And in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Wunderground and Salt & Straw will donate $10 to The Jed Foundation. How's that for ice cream with a cause?

Salt & Straw's new ice cream collabs bring more than dessert to the table

According to the press release, one flavor, Brainchild Coffee with Five-Spiced Hazelnut Praline, uses Wunderground's bright roast blended with ribbons of salted caramel and Salt & Straw's hazelnut praline. This blend contains 250 milligrams of organic Lion's Mane and 250 milligrams of organic Cordyceps in each scoop, which claims to deliver a cocktail of stress busters. 

If you're looking for a frozen delight that promises to calm you down before falling asleep, then vegan Dream Supply Chamomile & Candied Orange Sherbet could be for you. This sherbet blend takes chamomile that's been seeped in Reishi and Lion's Mane mushrooms. Salt & Straw writes that it will "soothe your stress receptors." Citrus fans will appreciate the addition of Salt & Straw's candied orange zest. Each scoop packs 250 milligrams of Reishi and 250 milligrams of Cordyceps to send you off to dreamland.

If you love red velvet, get ready for Hocus Pocus Red Velvet and Cocoa Nib Fudge — a flavor that's licensed to thrill. Wunderground and Salt & Straw's blend packs this crowd-pleasing flavor with the power of Chaga and Reishi mushrooms — which it says can give your energy levels and immune system a kick. This ice cream also comes with the taste of coffee blended into salted sweet cream, plus chocolate ganache and candied cacao nibs. Like the others, this flavor contains 250 milligrams Reishi and 250 milligrams of Chaga in every scoop.