The Best Way To Seal Chip Bags Without A Clip

There are so many chip brands in the U.S. and they vary in type, taste, and texture. Even when it comes to healthy versions of the regular potato chip, there is a wide range of options.

But believe it or not, as delicious as all the different kinds of chips you have available to you are, it's not often that you can finish a whole bag. Whether it's after your own personal snacking session or a fun party, you usually have bags of leftover chips that you don't want to toss into the trash, but what if you don't have any clips around, or just want to quickly put them away without any fuss?

Thanks to a new hack that Redditors are buzzing about, you can now seal your chip bags securely with just a few steps — and you don't need a clip or any other tool or implement. All you need is to fold. The handy tip is also trending on TikTok with one particular video from Cody Blanchard receiving over 3 million views.

The next time you have leftover snacks, try this trick!

The steps for sealing a chip bag without a clip

As seen in a Reddit video, you can close a bag of chips with a simple folding trick: First, lay the bag on a table or flat surface and remove any excess air out. Then, from the open side, take one corner and fold it down diagonally towards the center of the bag. While keeping the folded corner down, fold the other corner of the bag over it and flatten both folds down. Next, flip the bag over and, while pressing it down to keep the folds on the other side in place, fold the opening of the bag on top of itself by about 1 or 2 inches. Repeat this a few more times, or until the folds reach the part of the bag where the chips are.

When you turn the bag over again, you should see that the top corners you previously folded down are now folded over the top, becoming flaps. Place your fingers under one flap and invert it, folding it over in the opposite direction. Do this again for the other flap. Turn the bag over to where the flaps have ended and tug on them to make sure they have tightly sealed the bag.

Once you're done with this, voilà. Your leftover chips are now perfectly sealed away — no clip necessary.