Trader Joe's Fans Are In Love With Its New Tres Leches Cake

While it might be possible to buy tres leches cake mix, making the real thing from scratch can be a tedious affair. Per Mexican Food Journal, this popular cake, which means "three milks" in Spanish and is popular across Latin America, calls for first making a classic vanilla sponge cake, which is then soaked with cream, sweetened condensed milk, and evaporated milk before it is blanketed with whipped cream. 

The site says in order to coax the flavors in your cake to come together as it is meant to, you'll want to leave the pastry undisturbed for eight hours or overnight after the milks are added so the cake can absorb all that liquid, making it moist, without turning it into a soggy mess. Some versions of tres leches can be made without butter, and others with sour cream

While the internet is unanimous in saying the cake is best made from scratch, the next best thing is to have someone like Trader Joe's come up with one for us to take home and try — and it appears the specialty grocery store has found a winner with its frozen tres leches cake.

Fans swear by Trader Joe's tres leches cake

One Instagram user gave the store plenty of love, by claiming it was as close to the real thing as it got. "... My moms recipe is hands down my favorite and forever engrained in my head. I make it a lot. This is going to be hard to beat, but always up to try something new. In the frozen area...," read the caption. An enthusiastic fan responded with, "Just ate some today in the employee break room. It's to die for."

At the Trader Joe's website, it says its new Tres Leches Cake is perfect for when you're feeling fancy or wish to treat yourself. It also has the stamp "Limited" across the photo, so it's best to call your local Trader Joe's to inquire about product availability. If your store does stock Trader Joe's Tres Leches Cake, you might have a similar reaction to one of its many fans.

One shared a mouthwatering description and an honest review of the pastry, saying, "I am obsessed with tres leches cake! I love how moist it is and was soo happy that this frozen version tasted like the ones I order out." Though the user admitted "Cinnamon and vanilla bean would've made it even better. Also, the bottom part of this cake had a little too much of an egg like consistency. It was chewy and tasted over cooked," the verdict was clear: "Overall, this cake was delicious..." A third shared a photo, saying, "True story, while I was taking a photo of this a bystander walks up and says 'those are really ... good.'"