These Storage Hacks Will Make Your Celery Last Longer

Celery is one of the most versatile vegetables we use today. From quick and easy snacks to hearty soups, celery can be used in various ways! However, one of the most significant drawbacks to celery is how quickly it spoils after it comes home. Thankfully we found the perfect storage hacks to ensure your celery lasts longer. We even included a hack that can bring your celery back to life! All of these start inside the grocery store.

While picking out a bag of celery, make sure the stalks are firm and crisp. According to Yahoo, smell the celery to make sure it's fresh. When you're home from your trip to the grocery store, remove the celery from its plastic bag and recycle it. This tip might seem surprising, as storing the celery in the bag might seem like a good idea. However, it actually contributes to celery wilting quicker. Much like other fresh produce, celery releases ethylene gas. When celery is kept inside its plastic bag, the gases become trapped and accelerate spoilage and moisture loss. This trapping of gasses is why celery seems to have such a short shelf life once home.

What if my celery is already cut?

After removing the bag, wrap the celery tightly in aluminum foil and store it in your refrigerator's crisper drawer. The aluminum foil allows that ethylene gas to release and not be trapped. This trick will keep your celery for weeks instead of days. Not only that, but this trick also works for celery right from your garden or farmers' market.

What if your celery is already cut? Don't worry; there's a hack for that too, thanks to Allrecipes! Keep the sliced celery in a sealed container and submerge it in water. This step will help the vegetable retain moisture and not spoil as quickly. Make sure to change the water every other day as well. Storing celery this way will keep the cut celery fresh for a few days after you've already cut it up.

You can also freeze celery for later use. Don't try this without concocting a plan, though, as this method will require some minor cooking!

You can also freeze and save celery!

According to Eating Well, you can then cut the celery up into the sizes you want, blanch the celery in boiling water for three minutes, then immediately submerge it into ice water. Afterward, strain the celery, place it into an air-tight container, and leave it in the freezer until you're ready to use it. Frozen celery can last 12-18 months, and takes no time to defrost.

While you can't always bring most vegetables back from the dead, you can sometimes bring some life back to celery. According to Domestic Soul, if your celery is looking a little limp, here's a quick tip to help bring some life back. Trim the end of the stalks, submerge in water, and allow the stalks to soak. This will breath new life into your celery, making it taste good as new! 

With these hacks in mind, you can now be more confident in keeping your celery's shelf life for longer than a mere few days. Happy cooking!