10 Best Gins For A Gimlet

Though vodka and tequila are known as the two most popular spirits when it comes to making a great cocktail, gin is another underrated option that is worth exploring. Gin martinis and gin and tonics might be too strong for some, so a classic gimlet is a refreshing and tasty option that highlights the vibrancy of gin. According to Chilled Magazine, a gimlet is a zesty cocktail made from gin and sweetened lime juice.

Even legends like Ernest Hemingway were known to enjoy a gimlet regularly, proving just how iconic this drink really is. This refined cocktail boasts a level of sophistication and elegance that gives it a vintage appeal, and it is a great beverage for those looking to expand their palettes and increase their appreciation for gin. That being said, we've rounded up the best gins for a gimlet so that you can experience this refreshing cocktail at its best.

Plymouth Gin

Since its creation in 1793, Plymouth Gin has been a versatile pick for gin-lovers for centuries. Though Plymouth makes a handful of varieties, you can't go wrong with the classic Plymouth gin when making a tasty gimlet for yourself or your friends. There are seven botanicals that can be detected in the original Plymouth Gin, all of which are hand-picked and good quality. The botanicals used include angelica, cardamom, coriander, juniper, lemon, orange, and orris root.

Per the GIN is IN, the flavors that come most forward in Plymouth Gin are juniper and citrus. Though you could make a fruity gimlet with this gin, it is best reserved for a traditional gimlet thanks to the strong juniper taste. If you prefer something dry like a gin and tonic, Plymouth Gin is pretty versatile when it comes to traditional gin-based cocktails. If you crave something stronger and bolder, try Plymouth Gin Navy Strength.

Bombay Sapphire Gin

Bombay Sapphire is a well-known brand that you've probably seen on most bars and bar carts. According to the official Bombay Sapphire website, the botanicals used to craft this high-quality gin are sourced by a master of botanicals, Ivano Tonutti. The brand uses quality raw ingredients during the production process, and after distillation, the result is a crisp and smooth gin that is sure to take your gimlet to the next level.

Since gin can be somewhat of an acquired taste, Bombay Sapphire is a great brand for those who are trying to make the transition from vodka to gin, Liquor.com explains. When it comes to flavor, citrus is definitely the most forward botanical, so expect those flavors when making your gimlet. If you're looking to make a more summer-friendly cocktail, Bombay Sapphire is a great and reliable option to have on deck on your bar cart.

Scapegrace Black

Though most gins are typically crystal clear, Scapegrace Black gin is changing the game with a jet-black concoction that will add a mysterious and unique element to your gimlet. This one-of-a-kind spirit is made from five different botanicals of Aronia berry, saffron, pineapple, butterfly pea, and sweet potato, giving it a rich and flavor-packed taste that is unlike any other. Though the color might be a bit intimidating, it comes from all-natural extracts, keeping this gin clean and crisp.

Coming from the Southern Alps of New Zealand, Scapegrace Distillery prioritizes quality production and the cleanest of water. Per the GIN is IN, the original Scapegrace gin is a juniper-forward spirit that is incredibly smooth. However, if you are looking to make more of a statement when entertaining guests, Scapegrace Black adds a whole other experience and aesthetic to your gimlet. This gin is also great for an evening negroni or martini.

Damrak Gin

Made in the heart of Amsterdam, Damrak Gin is a citrus-forward spirit that can be used to enhance the flavors of a crisp gimlet. If you're not a big fan of juniper, Damrak Gin is a great option since the juniper flavors are much more subtle when compared to the citrus flavors (though juniper is most present in the aftertaste). Though Damrak Gin works nicely in cocktails, it is also smooth enough to be sipped over ice on its own.

According to the GIN is IN, there is a slight spice to Damrak Gin that can be picked up by the nose and on the tongue. When it comes to the specific kinds of citrus that can be picked up in this gin, there are hints of lime and orange. If you enjoy the act of drinking cocktails but don't enjoy the effects of alcohol, Damrak Virgin is a great zero-proof alternative that provides a similar experience to the real thing.

Bluecoat Gin

Bluecoat Gin is an American-made spirit that is handcrafted in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The sleek blue bottle is a modern accessory that looks great across smooth bar tops, and the gin itself is created with a high level of care and attention. Though the Bluecoat American Dry Gin is the most popular, and the best for a standard gimlet, the Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin is a more complex option for those with a more developed and mature palette.

This crystal clear spirit is known for having a very fresh finish, making it a great gin for cocktails and mixed drinks (via Flaviar). There are also notes of coriander that add a unique kick when making a crisp cocktail such as a gimlet. Though citrus and juniper definitely take the cake on being the most obviously present botanicals, there are also hints of herb that make this a more earthy gin.

Beefeater Gin

If you prefer a classic London gin, then Beefeater Gin should be at the top of your list. According to the brand's official website, the Beefeater London Dry gin provides that traditional taste with citrus-forward notes and a dry finish, making it great for those who like to keep things simple when making a gimlet. Today, Beefeaters London Dry Gin is still produced in London and uses the original recipe that founder James Burrough concocted back in the 1800s. And if you end up loving this gin and want to try out more authentic London gins for yourself, you can take a gin tour in London.

According to the GIN is IN, Beefeater Gin has very strong juniper flavors, and this unique flavoring is partially why it has become one of the best-selling spirits in the world. Though the juniper and zesty citrus is definitely picked up by the nose, the taste is dominated by juniper. But overall, this gin is pretty mild and easy to drink, allowing even the most hesitant of gin drinkers to enjoy a refreshing and classy gimlet. 


Between the colorful and vibrant bottle and the floral flavors, BLOOM Gin is a unique treat that will fit in nicely on any bar. When it comes to BLOOM's London Dry Gin, this award-winning, female-backed spirit puts a tasty twist on the classic gin and tonic or gimlet thanks to the floral flavors of honeysuckle and chamomile. According to Flaviar, BLOOM London Dry Gin is light and refreshing, with smooth hints of citrus.

Since it is not very juniper-forward, this is a great gin for making a fruitier gimlet with raspberries or strawberries. BLOOM Gin also offers some more unique flavors like passionfruit and vanilla, raspberry and rose, and jasmine and rose, though these are not yet sold in the United States. However, you can easily order a bottle of BLOOM London Dry Gin online and have it shipped directly to your house the next time you are craving a gimlet.

Fords Gin

Fords Gin was created by eighth-generation master distiller Charles Maxwell and gin connoisseur Simon Ford. The bottle can be recognized by its unique shape and green accents, making it a stunning yet simple addition to any bar. This juniper-forward spirit is very soft, making it a great gin for those who need a smoother spirit for their gimlet.

Unlike some other gins that only use about five to seven botanicals, Fords Gin uses nine, which include angelica root, bitter orange, cassia, coriander, grapefruit, jasmine, juniper, lemon, and orris root, Spirits Review notes. The use of these botanicals results in a more balanced gin that is still juniper-forward without being overbearing. Another unique characteristic of Fords Gin is the fact that it is incredibly aromatic, so if you enjoy comparing and contrasting different spirits, you'll definitely want to spend some time exploring what the nose picks up on when having a taste of this gin.

Pomp & Whimsy

If you're looking to put a unique twist on a classic gimlet, Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur is a great resource for adding vibrancy and flavor to your cocktail. Per the brand's official website, Pomp & Whimsy Gin Liqueur is available in 17 different states for purchase and direct shipping. The unique botanicals found in this gin liqueur give it a layered and bright flavor, making it great for those looking to spruce up their gimlet in the spring or summer.

In addition to some floral notes, Pomp & Whimsy has fruity flavors that add a refreshing taste, adds Cocktail Hammer. Since it is so smooth, this unique spirit can even be sipped straight, though it is the perfect addition to any tasty cocktail. While you can use it along with a standard gin, Pomp & Whimsy can easily be used as a replacement for those seeking bolder and more vibrant flavors.

Sipsmith London Dry Gin

According to the official Sipsmith website, this beloved brand's journey first began in 2007 thanks to Sam Galsworthy, Fairfax Hall, and Jared Brown. Though the process took some time, these friends ended up perfecting their recipe in 2009, and the brand was officially born. Since then, Sipsmith has become a worldwide success with a variety of flavors that you can use to get creative with your cocktails.

If you're looking to make a traditional gimlet, Sipsmith London Dry Gin is your best bet. This gin features nutty undertones and keeps the gimlet on the drier side as opposed to a more fruit-forward gin, says Flaviar. However, if you're craving something sweeter, the Sipsmith Strawberry Smash or Lemon Drizzle gins are both vibrant and refreshing options. For something extra bold and bright, go with Sipsmith's Sloe Gin and allow your taste buds to explode with the flavor thanks to the wild sloe berries.