What Makes New Cocktail Book Drink Lightly Stand Out From The Rest

Anyone who pays close attention to the cocktail world likely knows that the landscape has been changing over the past few years. Dry January has spilled over into other months (per Gallup), and there seem to be more alcohol-free liquors, aperitifs, and mocktails popping up regularly (via New York Times). But just because many people may find themselves either imbibing or abstaining from alcohol doesn't mean there isn't room for those in between. 

In fact, one of the best and latest cocktail books to be published strikes the perfect balance between no alcohol and your typical recipes. Like others in the industry such as Haus, a low alcohol aperitif brand, Drink Lightly by award-winning bartender Natasha David solely focuses on making drinks that are low in alcohol. It strikes a balance between indulging in your favorite cocktails without a heavy-handed pour — though it does include some totally alcohol-free recipes. 

This is what sets Drink Lightly's recipes apart

Apart from the low- to no-alcohol factor of the more than 100 cocktails and mocktails included in Drink Lightly, what many industry professionals seem to be excited about is that the recipes go far beyond simply adding soda water to liqueur. Instead, David utilizes the many different types of alcoholic drinks that are available today. From low-proof liquor and wine to homemade infusions and the occasional liqueur, Drink Lightly provides tons of different aperitif-style drinks that anyone can enjoy. 

By utilizing more ingredients to make low- and no-alcohol drinks, David was able to make more unique and interesting drinks that anyone can follow and make at home. No matter how you or those you are serving prefer their drinks, David has addressed the different cocktail profiles in the book ranging from floral to herbal. The book is even divided into sections, such as "Party Starters," "Gulpabale Thirst Quenchers," and "Slow Sippers," ensuring there's a fit for everyone and every occasion.

So, whether you are curious about lightening your nightly cocktail or simply want to make even better mocktails, Drink Lightly is worth browsing.