What's On The Menu For Coachella 2022

Music festivals may be known for bringing talented artists together for a wild weekend, but they aren't exactly food destinations you'd consider shelling out for if you're not interested in the lineup. But Coachella is challenging that notion, as people pay hundreds of dollars not just to hear the likes of Doja Cat, Billie Eilish, Harry Styles, and Megan Thee Stallion, but for the chance to dine at a festival that has been known to feature chefs that match the star power of the performers on stage. 

This year, drinks at Coachella will be offered by vendors like Absolut, whose Absolut.Land promises an "immersive, one-of-a-kind experience" that will connect people both at the festival and in the Metaverse. Coachella will also have several wine lounges where you can enjoy your favorite white, red, or sparkling wines — one sponsored by New Zealand label Kim Crawford, named Camp Kim Wine Lounge, and another by Unshackled Wines, which will be located in the VIP section. Unshackled is the official wine of Coachella, so it's likely to be the brand sold at other tents offering wine. It's worth noting that, in years past, alcoholic drinks were only permitted in specific areas at Coachella so you'll need to plan ahead if you'd like to imbibe (via Insider).

Potato chip brand Lay's is also getting in on the action at Coachella 2022. In a press release, the company stated it will be setting up "potadomes" serving a four-course tasting menu. Interested chip fans will need to purchase tickets in advance. The brand is also rolling out its first-ever fully compostable chip bags at the music festival, which will presumably be sold throughout the campgrounds.

Coachella goes far beyond hot dogs and flat beer

In the past, Coachella has featured food options from the likes of David Chang and Bruce Kalman (via Thrillist). While the vendors at the popular Indio Central Market have yet to be confirmed, the Coachella website states there will be over 15 restaurants from across the U.S. represented. Of those 15, one that has been generating some buzz is Sushi from Scratch, which the Los Angeles Times is calling a "secret sushi bar." Here, chef Philip Frankland Lee and his wife, Margarita Kallas-Lee will be serving up a 17-course omakase meal with sake pairings for $375 a person. (Yes, that $375 is on top of the price of your Coachella ticket.) The challenges of serving raw fish in a tent in the middle of the desert notwithstanding, Lee says he wants to replicate the experience of their Los Angeles restaurant.

And if you want to dine al fresco instead of eating inside a tent, Coachella's famed Outstanding in the Field pop-up may be just what you're looking for. Here, guests will be served a four-course, family-style meal in the venue's VIP Rose Garden, along with drinks. Different chefs will be featured each day, so it is worth checking the Coachella site to see who might be cooking and when. Tickets for the meal will run you $275 per person in addition to your regular Coachella ticket, but they do come with access to the VIP Rose Garden for the full day, even if you purchased a general admission ticket.